Simpsons meet Family Guy in crossover trailer – video

Jul 28, 2014

Simpsons Guy trailer hailed as 'epic collaboration' but others think it is an 'attention-seeking gimmick'

A five-minute trailer for the long-awaited Simpsons-Family Guy crossover special has finally been released. The preview for 'The Simpsons Guy' was shown at Comic-Con in San Diego over the weekend and has since been watched by more than one million people online.

The trailer sees Bart Simpson teaching Stewie Griffin how to skateboard and make prank phone calls, while Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin bond over doughnuts before spiralling into a radioactive brawl on an alien space ship.

The clip includes a couple of self-referential jokes, in which barman Moe tells Peter that his "livelihood is based on fraud" and the Griffins raise concerns that everyone in Springfield "looks like they have hepatitis".

The Metro thinks the full episode is "set to be amazing", while the Daily Mirror describes it as "comic gold".

Avery Thompson at Hollywood Life describes it as a "crossover heaven". She adds: "It's finally happening. Two of comedy's most beloved animated series are coming together for an epic collaboration."

But some critics feel it is an unnecessary publicity stunt. Stuart Heritage in The Guardian has accused the Simpsons of "debasing itself" by lurching from "attention-seeking gimmick to attention-seeking gimmick without a trace of shame".

Describing Family Guy as "at heart, a crap Simpsons", Heritage says: "It's like turning up at your favourite bar – the bar you've grown up in, which is full of interesting, sophisticated people – to discover it's been overrun by a stag party of bellowing dimwits who chest-bump each other and try to pour beer up each others' bottoms."

  • The Simpsons Guy will premiere on Fox in the US on 28 September.

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