Sex offences: nine allegations over current BBC personnel

BBC clarifies comments made by DG George Entwistle before House of Commons committee

BY Nigel Horne LAST UPDATED AT 16:27 ON Tue 23 Oct 2012

THE BBC is dealing with nine allegations of sexual harassment, assault or inappropriate conduct regarding CURRENT staff or contributors, The Week has learned.

Following comments made by Director-General George Entwistle during his appearance before members of the cross-party Commons Culture Committee this morning, The Week asked the BBC for clarification on whether Entwistle was referring to allegations from what he called "the Savile era" or from today.

A BBC spokesman has responded: "As a result of the allegations about Jimmy Savile and subsequent contact from staff, former staff and members of the public, we are currently aware of nine allegations of sexual harassment, assault or inappropriate conduct regarding current staff or contributors.

"Some of these cases have been passed to the police where appropriate, and we are reviewing others within our normal HR processes and procedures." · 

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I now have a major ethical consideration: Should I continue to subscribe to an organization whose ethical and moral position is unacceptable? If I pay the TV license, am I not simply assisting an institution whose governance is clearly broken and whose ethical stance should mean that any privileges must be stripped from it. And why should I be forced to subscribe to the BBC if all I want to receive is the output from ethically acceptable (but non-governmental) broadcasters

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