Sally Bercow moves into Irish traveller’s caravan

Oct 21, 2011

Speaker’s wife set to provoke Tory party critics again with new reality TV show

THE SPEAKER'S wife Sally Bercow has done it again. Having infuriated her husband - and much of the Tory party - with her appearance on Celebrity Big Brother earlier this year, she is now moving into a caravan with former bare-knuckle boxer Paddy Doherty for a new Channel 5 reality show.
The unlikely couple, who met on Big Brother, which Doherty (above left) won, will start filming When Paddy Met Sally in north Wales next month.

"We're actually very similar people," Bercow (above right) gushed of the new arrangement. "We're both very blunt and forthright. Our values are the same."

Irish traveller Doherty took a more pragmatic line: "I'm getting paid a few bob to live with her for a few weeks. I told the people when I signed up that I'm likely to murder her."

Bercow continues to justify her reality television 'career' by saying it raises the profile of Ambitious about Autism, the charity for which she is patron.

Tory MPs counter that she is using the office of the Speaker to boost her own ego. "How much worse can it get? She is just deranged and vulgar," a senior Tory told the Daily Mail after she posed naked but for a bedsheet in a publicity stunt for Big Brother.

All water off a duck's back. The adventure in Wales will be "hilarious", she insists.

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