‘Twitter fail’ nightmare - the journo and his boss

Oct 11, 2011

Reporter’s abusive attack on boss appears on Daily Telegraph website

NEWS WEBSITES have been falling over themselves to embrace social media such as Facebook and Twitter in an attempt to engage their readers. But as The Daily Telegraph has learned, there are dangers in embracing what can be an anarchic forum.

One journalist's anger at the way his copy was "twisted" by an editor at the paper has been laid bare to readers after his comments inadvertently appeared on the Telegraph's website thanks to a social media 'plugin'.

The journalist, Rob Crilly, was reporting from Libya. Yesterday, after filing his copy to deputy news editor Neville Dean, he took to Twitter to complain about the published article, tweeting to Daily Telegraph editor Tony Gallagher: "Neville Dean has twisted my copy beyond all recognition. I want you to sack him."

Explaining the situation to his 7,000-odd Twitter followers, Crilly said that a point he was trying to make about Libya's National Transitional Council had been rewritten by Dean to give the impression that the new Libyan government had refused to work with western governments, which was not true.

Revealing that he thought he might be sacked, Crilly reached a moment of catharsis, tweeting: "Neville Dean is a cunt... Neville Dean cunt."

Not long ago sentiments such as these would have been voiced over a beer with colleagues and quickly forgotten. Not so today. On The Daily Telegraph website, his tweets appeared next to his article.

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