Ched Evans rape victim named and abused on Twitter

Apr 23, 2012
Jonathan Harwood

Footballer's team-mate rants at teenage rape victim as others use Twitter to name her

THE teenage rape victim of Welsh international footballer Ched Evans has been abused and named on Twitter, days after he was sent to jail for five years for attacking her at a hotel.
One of Evans's Sheffield United team-mates is now under investigation by the club after posting a series of messages in which he called the 19-year-old a "money-grabbing little tramp".
Connor Brown posted the messages after Evans (above) was jailed on Friday and although they have now been taken down the club said it was "aware of a very serious matter regarding comments made through the Twitter account of one of its players".
Meanwhile, the 19-year-old has been named on Twitter, even though the victims of sexual assaults are given the legal right to anonymity. "Her name was said to be one of the top trending words on Twitter yesterday," reported the Daily Mail.
The Times reports that the police have vowed to deal "robustly" with those who identified the girl. They said that the comments about her were "profoundly disturbing" and had contributed to her "continued trauma".
Last year, Twitter users flouted the law and named another footballer, Ryan Giggs, as a the player who had taken out an injunction to stop details of his private life being made public. There was little public sympathy for Giggs at the time and when steps were taken to try and stop people breaching the law there were claims of censorship.
So far no-one has defended any of those who named or abused the teenager, and many outraged Twitter users took screen grabs of the offending tweets and forwarded them to the police so they can take action.
Barrister Amanda Bancroft wrote on The Guardian website: "While it may be without doubt that those who used Twitter in an unlawful way over this issue should be punished, and it is fair to say that the law is constantly being tested in its application in our new media age, what this weekend has demonstrated is how alarmingly alive and pervasive rape culture is."

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Wrong that people should do that to her but it should be a lesson to other girls if you go out & get legless & lose control you are putting yourself into possible situations like this



 Does he really need to explain? I second that - IDIOT!

If anybody loses control by whatever means drugs drink etc surely they are putting themselves in dangerous situations go on explain what is wrong with that comment

She is well known around the area as being the town bike, just an attempt to make money,

If we can't name her she should not be able to sell her lies.

She is a tramp always has been

The police are threatening to arrest people who broke the law. That's a good thing. The fact that hundreds or even thousands of people broke the law doesn't somehow change that.

When will people realise that rape is not about sex, it is about violence, power and dominance over the victim.  This footballer thought he could have any woman he wanted.  I don't care if she has slept with 500 men, if she is beyond giving consent through alcohol or any other substance, no man has the right to insert himself inside her.  Says more about these footballers that they aren't satisfied with the girlfriends and wives at home that they have to rape legless teenagers.  Would they do the same to teir partners if their partner was blind drunk?  The fact that the brother and friend were trying to film the incident as well is repulsive, they should be sent to prison for complicity in the act.