Police investigate Twitter abuse of Liverpool v Man U referee

Sep 25, 2012
Bill Mann

Mark Halsey angered Liverpool fans by sending off Jonjo Shelvey and awarding a penalty to Man U

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GREATER Manchester Police are investigating complaints that referee Mark Halsey received two malicious tweets over his handling of Sunday's Liverpool v Manchester United match.

United left Anfield with three points, and Halsey departed with the jeers of Liverpool fans ringing in his ears after he sent off Jonjo Shelvey and awarded United a penalty from which Robin van Persie settled the game in the visitors' favour.

In addition, Halsey declined to award Liverpool a spot-kick when Luis Suarez appeared to be tripped in the box. Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard later criticised the 51-year-old official for his lack consistency, saying of the sending off: "Mark Halsey got that one wrong."

Subsequently Halsey received two offensive tweets, both of which made reference to his battle with throat cancer in 2009. The Daily Mail reports that one, from an account named @johnwareing1, read, "I hope Mark Halsey gets cancer again and dies", while the second was from @lfcjohn259 and declared: "Mark Halsey should've died of cancer." Both posts were later removed.

But Halsey, who is scheduled to take charge of tonight's Capital One Cup tie between Southampton and Sheffield Wednesday, was so incensed he called in the police on Tuesday.

The abuse has also angered the Professional Game Match Officials (PGMO), the organisation responsible for supplying Premier League referees. They issued a statement in the light of Halsey's complaint in which they said: "PGMO abhors any abuse of match officials whether that is in stadia or outside of it. Our main concern is towards Mark and his family and, as with all match officials, there is a backroom team who are there for them."

While the police will be obliged to investigate Halsey's complaint, it's not clear what action they'll be able to take.

Last week a footballer in the Welsh amateur league, Daniel Thomas, was not charged for a homophobic tweet he sent in the summer about Olympic diver Tom Daley. Keir Starmer, the director of public prosecutions, said there was no doubt the tweet had crossed a line "but the question for the Crown Prosecution Service is not whether it was offensive, but whether it was so grossly offensive that criminal charges should be brought".

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Man U and referee is mafia not the
fans .

Halsey is a PRICK!! What comes around goes around.
Howard Webb was on the Mankie United Bench, so Halsey was upset he wasn't chosen in the starting line up for MU.
ANOTHER one on the "Pay Roll?"

FA official judge team and Halsey are prejudge Luis Suarez and the Liverpool Club.
Liverpool lose Man U because
Liverpool 11 VS Man U 11 + Mark Halsey (12)
There is no way to win for Liverpool
FA official & Mark Halsey rewarded 3 point to Man U.

OK he's a prick - but "what goes around comes around"? Do what?
You think he deserves cancer and/or death threats because he made a mistake officiating a football match... and that's how karma works?

May you throat cancer recur..so much to say