Nude Sienna Miller painting sparks Twitter privacy row

Nov 8, 2012

Comic Dara O'Briain takes on Fleet Street Fox in spat over Sienna Miller's private life

SIENNA MILLER'S decision to pose nude while pregnant for an oil painting has led to a Twitter spat between tabloid blogger Fleet Street Fox and Irish comedian Dara O'Briain over the issue of press intrusion.

Media commentator Fleet Street Fox - pseudonym for Daily Mirror reporter Susie Boniface - pointed out that the actress pictured naked on the front of the Evening Standard was the same woman who was paid £100,000 by the News of the World after having her phone hacked. And the same woman who complained to the Leveson Inquiry about being hounded by paparazzi.

Miller, argued Boniface, was guilty of double standards.

"It looks to me as though she is entirely happy to trade on her baby, her boobs, and her lovers when it's on her terms and takes great offence if anybody inquires about any of them when it doesn't benefit her in some way," she wrote.

"All Sienna has done is prove, with a quite majestic degree of hypocrisy, how much of a two-faced little baggage she is and how stupid judges and lawyers can be when faced with a pretty blonde whose tits they can all picture."

Her article was accompanied by three pictures of Sienna, one of which was a paparazzi shot of her accidentally revealing a breast.

That led Irish comic and TV science presenter Dara O'Briain to take Miller’s side.

Just because she was once photographed with a breast revealed did not justify the Fox’s argument that “Sienna Miller has no right to privacy". To blame Miller for a "gratuitous photo of a wardrobe malfunction” was a “perv's charter”, he added.

Boniface responded: "Newspapers can report whatever is public. If someone wishes to remain private, it is easy to do so."

That, responded O'Briain, was a self-serving argument. It was clear the media's attitude was: "She's worked as a model and an actress therefore her tits are all ours to print, for profit."

The row appeared to end amicably, with Fox threatening to publish topless pictures of O'Briain. Whether Lord Leveson took note of the correspondence remains to be seen. His report is due to be released before the end of the month.

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