One Direction and Piers Morgan in Twitter row over Beckham

Nov 21, 2012

Tabloid tales: Piers feels heat from 1D fans, DiCaprio and Joanna Lumley lock lips, Lohan's frock fail

PIERS MORGAN has felt the wrath of One Direction fans after he and the boyband got into a spat over David Beckham on Twitter. According to the Daily Mail, Piers tweeted that it was time for the footballer to retire - a sentiment which One Direction did not appreciate. The boyband decided to get a playground insult against Piers trending, and soon their millions of fans were tweeting 'Piers is smelly'. Inevitably, the abuse escalated, prompting Morgan to tweet: "My Twitter feed is erupting like a volcano, and rather like @Harry_Styles @Real_Liam_Payne @Louis_Tomlinson - it ain't pretty." But member Louis Tomlinson managed to get the last word in, tweeting: "No hard feelings stinky".

Starlet Lindsay Lohan's attempts to channel Hollywood screen siren Elizabeth Taylor have been judged a "style car crash", by the Daily Mail. Lohan turned up to the Los Angeles premiere of her new movie Liz & Dick last night wearing a tight gold gown that popped open in several places revealing her silver belly ring. The Daily Mail's review of the "trashy" dress was as bad as the scathing reviews of the film which details the affair between Taylor and British actor Richard Burton.

Hollywood heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio has become the envy of men-of-a-certain-age after locking lips with Ab Fab star Joanna Lumley in a Brooklyn park. DiCaprio is 38, Lumley is 66, notes The Sun, but the pair puckered up enthusiastically for a scene in Martin Scorsese's new movie, Wolf of Wall Street. DiCaprio plays Jordan Belfort, the white collar criminal who fleeced investors of $100 million in 1987. Lumley has described DiCaprio as "her secret crush" and The Sun speculates his character "may steal Joanna's heart" as well as her savings.

A man has managed to launch a balloon house, and will soon be taking it on a transatlantic voyage. According to the Metro, Jonathan Trappe, 38, was inspired by the Pixar fim Up in which a man fulfils his life-long dream of seeing South America by building a balloon house. Trappe displayed his floating house at the Leon International Balloon festival in Mexico two days ago, and next summer will take it on a 2,500-mile voyage across the Atlantic Ocean. Trappe already has experience of crossing water with balloons: in 2010 he was the first person to fly the English Channel attached to helium-filled balloons.

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it's actually liam who tweeted "no hard feelings stinky"