Oscar Pistorius trial: five best people to follow on Twitter

Apr 14, 2014

Twitter is awash with Oscar Pistorius news. Here's who to follow for the best news and analysis

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TYPING "Oscar Pistorius" into Twitter's search engine brings up an avalanche of tweets from around the world, many of them simply repeating the same information. Here are five accounts that cut through the noise with incisive coverage of the trial taking place in Pretoria.

Andrew Harding, the BBC's Africa correspondent, is in Pretoria providing live commentary of the trial. Harding's updates provide a mixture of factual reporting and descriptive insight which together convey a good sense of the mood within the courtroom, moment to moment. He also links to commentary pieces on the BBC website and elsewhere.

Emma Sadlier, a lawyer who bills herself as a specialist in social media, answers questions big and small on the Pistorius trial. Who is the blonde woman sitting behind state prosecutor Gerrie Nel? Why does the South African court system not use juries? Sadlier invites followers to send her questions at #AskEmma

OscarTrial retweets interesting tweets from people all over the world. The account does not generate any original material, but is a good home for general user comment.

Debora Patta is an investigative journalist who links to the primary sources mentioned in the trial, including photos, documents and key evidence.

Barry Bateman is holed up in Courtroom D doing preliminary work on his book on Pistorius with the working title Behind The Door: the Oscar and Reeva Story. Bateman describes the trial blow-by-blow, and comes as a good alternative if you wish to hear a different voice other than the BBC's Andrew Harding.

Below is a Twitter list that brings these five tweeters together. Follow the list here

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The states evidence is there was turmoil in the relationship because of
the texts. Mixed with O.P's character and careless love of guns a bad
brew was mixing between the couple. On Feb. 13th there was an argument.
An intense argument followed by screaming then gunshots and cricket bat.
They have ear and eye witnesses and very credible one's who heard
arguing an hour before. Saw the lights on and heard blood curdling
screams silenced by gun shots. They have an autopsy which states she ate
2 hrs prior. She was shot 3 times out of 4 with the final shot hitting
her and killing her stone dead. She may have taken 3 breathes after the
final shot no more according to the pathologist. The states case is
starting to solidify based on evidence and the testimony given by the
defense's own witness's first (pathologist) second (O.P.) and third
What does O.P. have? He's altered a sworn testimony with
absolutely no reason to change if he told the truth the first time. His
new version is he spoke to Reeva. He didn't go on the balcony,he brought
in 2 fans not one. He didn't hear Reeva wake up because the fan blew in
his ear but heard the window open 38 ft. away.Told Reeva to get down
and call police but didn't get a response. He grabbed his gun cause
that's the first thing you do. Go down the hallway yelling and screaming
like a girl. Fire not 1 not 2 but only 4 shots on his stumps elbow bent
but deadly accurate in defense cause he heard a noise in the bathroom.