Wag Anara Atanes in Twitter rant as France drop Samir Nasri

May 14, 2014

The Man City midfielder's girlfriend is seriously unimpressed by his omission from the World Cup squad


SACRE bleu! The girlfriend of Manchester City midfielder Samir Nasri turned the Twittersphere blue on Tuesday night as she took to the social network to vent her fury at her fella's omission from France's World Cup squad.

In the past British model Anara Atanes has rubbished the idea she's a Wag but she clearly believes she knows a thing or two about football. Outraged by the decision of France coach Didier Deschamps to omit Nasri from his 23-man squad for next month's World Cup, Atanes tweeted: "F*** France and f*** Deschamps. What a s*** manager."

That was only the hors d'oeuvre for poor Deschamps, whose modest achievements in his 103-cap career include captaining France to their first and only World Cup triumph in 1998 and leading Les Bleus to glory in the 2000 European Championships.

Having allowed her followers to digest her initial tweet, Atanes served up the second course of abuse for all things Gallic: "In case you didn't read my tweet properly.... I'll repeat myself...f*** FRANCE!!!!! And f*** Deschamps!"

The dessert soon followed, as Atanes sought to clarify her views. She explained that while she was delighted to be spending the summer with Nasri at home in Manchester rather than on the beach in Brazil, she thought that he deserved a place in the squad because of "respect".

Respect is something the boyfriend of the fragrantly foul-mouthed Ms Atanes knows all about. During the 2012 European Championships, Nasri swore at a French journalist when approached for a quote, an outburst for which he received a three-match international ban.

On Tuesday evening, however, Nasri, who is on tour with his City team mates in Abu Dhabi, was playing the role of peacemaker. And after reading Atanes's outraged messages sent a tweet to his girlfriend that read: "Love you dont get upset life sometimes is unfair but you have to accept it and deal with it. [sic]"

Though Nasri and Manchester City teammate Gael Clichy have both missed the cut for the France squad, a host of Premier League stars are included, among them the Arsenal trio of Bacary Sagna, Laurent Koscielny and Olvier Giroud, Tottenham goalkeeper Hugo Lloris, Newcastle striker Loic Remy and Manchester United defender Patrice Evra.

Asked about his decision to omit Nasri from his squad for Brazil, Deschamps told reporters on Tuesday night: "He has important status with Manchester City because he starts, which is not the case today in the France team."

Ms Atanes' twitter tantrums didn't pass unnoticed across the Channel and the British model was obliged to make clear she had nothing against France per se, tweeting: "What was the topic of conversation in my tweet? A country? Or a football team! Its [sic] unbelievable how thick people can be!"

But as one suggested in reply, perhaps she's feeling sorry as much for herself as for her other half. "Looks like someone is angry to miss out on Rio and this is not just the player!!!"

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