Gove's new aide advocated writing off the North of England

Sep 26, 2012

Dr Tim Leunig, Gove's new aide, suggested abandoning regeneration attempts in Northern cities

Getty Images

Education Secretary Michael Gove's new aide is a former London School of Economics professor who has suggested abandoning regeneration schemes across large swathes of northern England. The Independent says Dr Tim Leunig, aka "the barmy boffin" now assists Gove. Leunig was co-author of a controversial 2008 report which appeared to suggest giving up on regeneration attempts in Liverpool, Bradford, Sunderland and Hull and abandoning the cities to permanent economic decline. The report advocated focusing on investment programmes in economically booming areas in the south instead. "I gather he's off to Australia," then opposition leader David Cameron said of Leunig at the time the report was published. "The sooner he gets on the ship the better."

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