Paul Polman and Kelly Brook take credit for Unilever surge

Jan 24, 2013

With latest results, shares in Unilever are up 55 per cent since Paul Polman took over

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UNILEVER, the company behind brands ranging from Flora margarine to Head and Shoulders shampoo, has posted record results, The Independent reports.

Sales in 2012 were up 10.5 per cent to €51.3 billion while profits were €6.68 billion causing Unilever shares to close at 2626 pence, up three per cent on the day.

The company now has 14 brands worth more than €1 billion including Knorr soup, Lipton tea and Surf detergent. An ad campaign featuring model Kelly Brook proved a hit for Magnum ice cream sales.

Unilever attributed much of its success to strong sales in China and the rest of Asia but warned that growth in Europe had been sluggish, rising by just 0.6 per cent. The company said it had been rolling out its top brands in new markets - Magnum was launched in the US and the Philippines last year, for instance.

Paul Polman, chief executive, said he was on course to deliver on a promise to achieve annual sales of €80 billion. Shares in Unilever have risen by 55 per cent since Polman joined the group from Nestle in 2009.

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When did Head and Shoulders join Unilever?? For your info it is from P&G