UK currency

Universal credit: how will new benefits system work?

Briefing Fri 30 Jan, AT 13:11

Iain Duncan Smith's welfare project aims to simplify benefits system and ensure that work pays

Mayor of London Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson: British jihadists are porn-obsessed 'w*****s'

One-Minute Read Fri 30 Jan, AT 11:57

Islamic militants are 'severe onanists' who turn to terror because they are 'rejected by women' says Mayor

Votes are being counted in a previous election in the UK

How to register to vote in the UK general election

Briefing Fri 30 Jan, AT 11:44

Electoral Commission urges eligible people to register to vote well before the general election

Metropolitan Police in London

Half of police forces failing to seek out officer corruption

One-Minute Read Fri 30 Jan, AT 09:12

Corruption not endemic, says police watchdog, but forces must be more proactive in seeking it out

Halal chickens hang for sale on a butchers stall

Halal on the rise: what is halal meat and is it inhumane?

Briefing Fri 30 Jan, AT 08:57

Latest halal figures reveal that 2.4 million sheep and goats a year have throats slit while conscious

Rape and consent: will new guidelines make a difference?

Briefing Thu 29 Jan, AT 15:47

CPS advice to police aims to challenge rape myths and stereotypes, but it won't change the law

Dippy the Diplodocus

Dippy: why is the Natural History Museum hiding its diplodocus?

Briefing Thu 29 Jan, AT 10:15

#Savedippy campaign begins on Twitter as public outcry emerges over removal of diplodocus skeleton

Students at a UK school

School league tables called a 'nonsense' after change in rules

One-Minute Read Thu 29 Jan, AT 09:10

Top schools plummet down the league tables after government writes off International GCSEs

How to stop nuisance calls: 5 ways to avoid unwanted callers

One-Minute Read Wed 28 Jan, AT 10:42

Nuisance calls 'out of control', with one billion unwanted calls a year, says government taskforce

Construction work for the conversion of Tottenham Court Road Tube Station into luxury flats

London Tube and bus stations to become homes and offices

One-Minute Read Wed 28 Jan, AT 10:41

Transport for London turns property developer in a bid to generate revenue without raising fares