Video emerges of student's illegal Shard climb

Views from the Shard Tower

A team of 'Place Hackers' have breached security to scale Europe's tallest skyscraper

LAST UPDATED AT 12:12 ON Tue 10 Apr 2012

A PHD student has illegally scaled the 1,016-foot Shard Tower by night, armed only with a video camera. He says it's the third time he's been up there in the last two years.

Bradley Garrett, 31, called his daredevil jaunt "Place Hacking", telling Seven News the trespass was a reaction to limits imposed on urban space. "There are a lot of places we're told we can't go and that frustrates me," he said.

He reached the top of the skyscraper by climbing up a crane along with a team of explorers who call themselves the London Consolidation Crew. The building's only guard reportedly helped out.

Garrett, issuing a string of expletives, managed to film the climb, capturing stunning aerial images of London from the peak of the Shard. The footage has been posted on his site Place Hacking.

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Wow you managed to get almost everything in that story wrong. Awesome!

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