Simon Cowell: My secret love affair with Dannii Minogue

Apr 15, 2012

From the Sunday Papers: from X-rated Cowell to Balotelli blackmail plot to WAG! the musical

TV MOGUL Simon Cowell had a secret affair with fellow X Factor judge Dannii Minogue, according to a new biography by Tom Bower. The 52-year-old said it "genuine love" and that he was wooed by "Dannii's hair, the sexy clothes and the t**s," according to the Sun on Sunday. Minogue, said Cowell, was "foxy... a real man's girl."

AEROSPACE engineers from Liverpool University have begun mapping out 'motorways' in the sky in preparation for a future of flying cars. The Sunday Times reports that 'drivers' would follow the aerial roads using GPS, while crashes would be avoided by high-tech detection systems. One prototype of such a flying car does exists, but is expected to come with a price tag of £150,000.

A MAN who attempted to blackmail Manchester City with a photograph of Mario Balotelli swigging champagne has been arrested. The Daily Mail reports how 25-year-old Daniel Brown approached the club with demands after getting hold of the snap, taken on the evening of City's defeat to Swansea last month. City are said have breathed a "huge sigh of relief" when they saw the pictures, expecting them to be "far worse".
THE MOTHER of Norwegian killer Anders Breivik is set to become the star witness in his trial, which starts tomorrow. Wenche Behring was listed as a prosecution witness after her son, who gunned down 77 people in July, revealed she was his "Achilles heel", reports the Sunday Mirror. Breivik said: "She is the only one who can make me emotionally unstable".
WOMEN AND children are not more likely to survive sinking ships than men, according to a new study. Academics at a Swedish university who studied 18 past catastrophes such as the sinking of the Titanic found that only 17.8% of women survived, compared with 34.5% of men. The research concluded that "saving women and children first is a myth", reports The Sunday Times.

BODYGUARDS serving US President Barack Obama have been sent home from duty after becoming embroiled in a prostitution scandal. The group of 12 Secret Service agents were in Colombia preparing for Obama's upcoming trip when they alleged took prostitutes back to their hotel, The Sunday Telegraph reports. The group of agents include married men and at least two supervisors.
PUNK BAND The Sex Pistols are rereleasing their anarchist single God Save the Queen for this summer's Jubilee celebrations. The Pistols, who last week turned down the chance to play at the London Olympics closing ceremony, will bring out the single in the last week of May in a hope to be top of the charts over the Jubilee weekend, according to The Sunday Telegraph.

THE WEST END may soon have a new hit on its hands: WAG! The Musical. The Daily Mail reports that the new production, which describes the ups and downs of life as a footballer's wife or girlfriend, will debut at the Rose and Crown Theatre in June. The cast include real life WAG Jessica Lawlor, partner of Aston Villa's Stephen Ireland.

ONE MAN'S epic quest to uncover a group of lost Spitfighters buried in Burma since the Second World War has come to light after David Cameron's trip to the country this week. 62-year-old David Cundall spent £130,000 of his own money on 12 trips to Burma, gaining the trust of the country's secretive military junta, The Sunday Telegraph reports. Cundall eventually located the planes and hopes to get them airborne.

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So Mr Cowell has bedded 
Dannii Minogue , so what. Has his popularity started to drop that he has to resort to kiss and tell stories.
And anyway surely sleeping around in the music business is part and parcel of that job, Nothing new