Cardiff hit-and-run murder suspect to appear in court

Oct 22, 2012

Mother threw children out of the way of van before it hit her, other families also targeted

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A 31-YEAR-OLD man has been charged with murder and 13 counts of attempted murder after a series of hit-and-run incidents in Cardiff on Friday. He will appear in court today.
The man, who has not been named, is accused of targeting pedestrians with his white van on Friday afternoon. Witnesses have claimed he deliberately mowed down families in the suburbs of Ely and Leckwith during a 30-minute rampage, which took place after the end of the school day as children were heading home.
A vigil was held on Sunday at the spot where 32-year-old Karina Menzies was hit. The mother-of-three was walking on the street with two of her children when the van careered through traffic towards them.
She pushed her two daughters, aged eight and 23-months, out of the way, but was struck by the van and later died in hospital. She suffered from a nerve condition that prevented her from running away from the van, according to the Daily Mail.
"This must be the most grief we have ever shared as a community," said the Rev Jan Gould at a memorial service held yesterday in Ely.
Eight people, including four children, were still in hospital on Sunday night after the incident, says the BBC. Two of the adults are said to be critically ill.
The man charged with murder, as yet unnamed, also faces four counts of assault and one of dangerous driving.

The Mail reports that police have been investigating whether he deliberately targeted mothers and children because he was angry after a row with his wife. "There have been claims that the man reversed back over some of the people he hit and reports that he was carrying a weapon, thought to be a crook lock, which he allegedly used to batter some of those who had been knocked down."

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