Law stinks says businessman held for tackling intruder

Nov 13, 2012

Vaughan Jones humiliated after police arrest him for 'assaulting' burglar at his mother's home.

A BUSINESSMAN held by police for 18 hours after he tackled an intruder who had broken into his mother's house says "the law stinks".

Vaughan Jones, 39, grappled with the intruder after his widowed mother, Eleanor, heard someone breaking into her home in Gwent, South Wales.

Jones, who lives nearby, called the police before dashing round to his mother's house. He engaged the intruder in a hand-to-hand struggle, but was shocked when police arrested him for allegedly assaulting the thief.

"I couldn't believe it," he told the Daily Mail. "I said to them: Are you real? I told them I was acting in self-defence. When they took me to the police station, I said 'the law stinks'."

Jones's arrest comes despite a recent government promise to protect homeowners who attack burglars as long as they do not use "grossly disproportionate" violence.

The promise was given by Justice Secretary Chris Grayling, who told the Tory party conference in October that the law had to be changed to protect innocent householders who take on intruders.

Jones, an accounts manager, was escorted to hospital under police guard and treated for a hairline fracture to his hand caused by the fight. He was then put in a police cell where he spent the night in custody. He was only released when the Crown Prosecution Service advised police not to press charges.

"When they took me to hospital, I was embarrassed as I had two officers either side of me even in the X-ray room," said Jones. "You'd swear I was up for murder.

"Then I went back into the police station, I just broke down crying. I phoned my wife and she was crying too."

Gwent Police confirmed Jones was arrested following the incident. They said another man, a 29-year-old from Caerphilly, South Wales, had been arrested and charged with burglary.

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So, how's life in the Police/Nanny State? Enjoying the results are we?

" They said another man, a 29-year-old from Caerphilly, South Wales, had been arrested and charged with burglary. · "

I'll give 1000 - 1 he will receive better treatment by our 'protectors', (paid from our taxes) than Mr Jones did.

Any takers? - - - - - - - - ..... thought not.

This is too crazy for words

When two people are involved in a fight, it's standard procedure to arrest both parties until what actually happened can be verified.

In normal circumstances possibly but when one is an intruder and possibly armed and the other has a right to be there common sense should prevail. A commodity which seems to be lacking in the Old Bill of today.

...isn't it bloody obvious what happened - for God's sake, use some common sense!