Child sex abuse: 'half-baked report ignores Pakistani gangs'

Nov 21, 2012

Ministers slam report into child sex abuse that refuses to point finger at British Pakistani abusers

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A REPORT into the raping by men of thousands of of children in England each year panders to political correctness by playing down the role of British Pakistani gangs who target white girls, government ministers say.

The report by Sue Berelowitz, the Deputy Children's Commissioner, says 2,409 children were victims of sex crimes by gangs or groups of men in a 14-month period from 2010 to 2011. A further 16,500 children were at "high risk" of sexual exploitation during the same period, the report says.

Just under a third of the abusers identified are Asian, but Berelowitz says it is "desperately important" that agencies don't think there is only one model of exploitation because they risk failing to identify some victims and perpetrators if they do.

But The Times says Education Secretary Michael Gove and senior government ministers believe the report deliberately plays down the role of Asian abusers and quotes a Department for Education source as saying: "Political correctness will not get in the way of preventing and uncovering child abuse."

A government source told the Daily Mail it was difficult to "overstate the contempt" with which ministers viewed the report's conclusions. And The Daily Telegraph quotes senior government ministers describing Berelowitz's submission as "hysterical and half-baked" - an unusual intervention by ministers on such a "sensitive subject".

Berelowitz denies such accusations saying it is "irresponsible" to focus on the data showing that Asian men are disproportionately involved in such abuse.

Her report says the largest proportion of the 1,514 perpetrators were white (545) and concludes that abuse is carried out by men of all backgrounds.

Children's charities mostly welcomed the report, The Independent says, but warned its conclusions show urgent action is required. Matthew Reed, head of The Children's Society, called it a "sobering reminder" that child sex abuse remains widespread.

Berelowitz's submission was only an interim report. Supported by a panel of experts, she is due to make her final recommendations in the autumn of 2013.

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To say that the ignored abusers are "Asian" is a libel on Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs etc; they are Muslims of a certain kind who think that they have a Droit de Seigneur over British kids who are predominantly white but who are also of other ethnicities - but never Muslim. When the government starts dealing with this, instead of making disapproving noises in the media, moderate Muslims can start to recover from being tarred with the same brush as their fanatical and abusive co-religionists.

Well said. Abuse by certain sections of the British Asian community - as you note, by Muslims of a particular persuasion and, apparently, of Pakistani origin - must under no condition be used to tarnish the reputation of other people with brown skin. We live in dangerous times, and nothing should be done to encourage the racism of the BNP, EDL, and the right wing of the Tory party.

To be sure, this kind of abuse must be stamped out - and fast. Everyone, whatever their ethnicity or belief system, must play a part in doing so. In particular, this is an opportunity for moderates on all sides to stand up and be counted.

Don't know how to tell you this, but I am a member of the EDL. Perhaps not what you were expecting from us?

No, Gerry, not what I was expecting at all, so thanks for challenging my preconceptions. I've read parts of your blog and also parts of the EDL website, all of which are very reasonable in tone - like your original post.

However, having seen (and heard) EDL banner-wavers marching through Leicester, and read Facebook/Twitter posts by other (alleged) EDL members, I wonder if you are in a minority?