Saldanha 'troubled' before she took call from radio station

Dec 16, 2012

Nurse's letter blames DJs for her death, but was she already in dispute with hospital?

THE NURSE who killed herself after transferring a prank call from a radio station blamed the two Australian DJs who carried out the stunt for her death, reports The Mail on Sunday.

The paper reveals that one of the DJs from 2DayFM called nurse Jacintha Saldanha back a few hours after the original call and told her they had played a prank that was about to be broadcast. The revelation is believed to have left Saldanha, who had no experience of dealing with the media, feeling "confused and agitated".

In one of three apparent suicide notes left by the 46-year-old mother-of-two, she expresses her "deep anger" at the DJs, Mel Greig and Michael Christian, and blames them for her death.

But The Sunday Times has found what it says is the first evidence the nurse was "troubled" before she received the call from the station. It reveals that Saldanha had been involved in a long-running "personal disagreement" with a colleague at the King Edward VII hospital and had recently lodged a formal complaint about her manager's failure to take action. Saldanha told managers she was "unhappy" that following an internal inquiry they had decided not to discipline the colleague who is thought to be a subordinate.

The Mail on Sunday says another of Saldanha's notes is critical of "aspects of the hospital staff" and singles out two individuals for blame. The hospital has said repeatedly that the nurse was not criticised or disciplined, but it is understood she may have been reprimanded by colleagues via email.
The hospital has refused to comment on the notes which are in the possession of Scotland Yard. Greig and Christian are staying in secure accommodation after a death threat, reportedly directed at Christian, was intercepted by police.

Saldanha's daughter, Lisha (pictured above) was one of the family members who attended a thanksgiving service at Westminster Cathedral yesterday. She was comforted by the family's representative, MP Keith Vaz.

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A European woman could have laughed at this joke but many from third world countries where women are oppressed and who feel inferior could not?

Oh trust me Indian nurses do not feel inferior, in fact they strut around thinking they are saints and constantly look down their noses at nurses from Europe, Canada, the States, New Zealand and Australia. The reality is they think all western women are beneath them. They should all go home where they
can work in a cast system.

How did you manage to meet them "all"?

In my experience, Bree, the nurses from the Indian sub-continent and Africa are amongst the most compassionate, caring and dignified in their profession. Where I have seen shocking treatment in the NHS, it has involved mainly white, British nurses who couldn't give two hoots about their patients, and are too busy gossiping about the foreign nurses/doctors/patients in the nurses' station. If you are a healthcare professional, Bree, you ought to be ashamed of yourself for your attitude.

I doubt very much you are a doctor. First no one asked the foreigners to come and work in a western country; they choose to do this in order to get a better life. Unfortunately once they get into a western country, rather than blend in, they often complain and try to change everything to suit their expectations.

Let’s take this nurse Jacintha Saldanha for example. She was not happy with another nurse whom she saw as her suburbanite and ended up in a long running feud with this nurse over a disagreement. Jacintha then complained about this nurse to management, so the hospital management put the two nurses on different shifts. But Jacintha was not happy with this because she wanted management to take a firm stance against the other nurse and sack her. Because management didn’t do what Jacintha wanted, she became unhappy with management and lodged a complaint against the senior staff in the hospital. Jacintha also complained about the country and made it very clear that she did not like it.
Then she blamed a couple of DJs in Australia for her suicide. It seems that Jacintha liked to blame everyone but herself. I have no doubt this is because she is used to living in a country that has a cast system. Had this occurred in India, Jacintha would have been able to have her subordinates sacked; but this is not the case in a western country.