Bradley Wiggins' big night out reveals a mod of many talents

Dec 18, 2012

Orator, fashion icon, guitar hero, party animal: is there anything Bradley Wiggins can't do?

WE KNEW Bradley Wiggins was a brilliant cyclist, but his winning performance at the BBC Sports Personality of the Year awards has confirmed him as a true renaissance man. For a start, Wiggins disproved the popular theory that "sports personality is an "oxymoron", as The Guardian puts it. The 32-year-old unleashed several "off-the-wall remarks" in his acceptance speech and teased the host Sue Barker by calling her "Susan". But that was just the start. As his big night out unfolded, we also got to see the many sides of ‘Wiggo' ...
The fashion icon: Wiggins's choice of a bespoke double-breasted suit in midnight blue velvet was a "smart choice", writes Rebecca Gonsalves in The Independent. It flattered his stick-thin physique and stayed true to his ‘Mod' style. Gonsalves also approved of Wiggins's fringed loafers which she says "are a Mod classic... dressy enough to work with the suit, without revealing too much sock".
The musician: After the SPOTY formalities were over Wiggins picked up his semi-acoustic guitar and played "pretty decent" versions of That's Entertainment by the Jam and Wonderwall by Oasis, says the Daily Mirror. The 32-year old invited a security guard on stage to help him with the vocals and was backed by Rick Parfitt Jnr's band. "It was like an epic stadium concert, not a party at the Excel," says Parfitt Jnr. "He was an incredibly cool guy and gave every member of the band a hug before leaving the stage."

The man about town: The Sun says Wiggins enjoyed a "heavy night of celebrations" that culminated at 3.30am yesterday when he "stumbled bleary-eyed" out of the London club, Whiskey Mist. He flashed the Victory sign at photographers, a distinct improvement on the V-sign he gave snappers after he was knocked off his bike in November.
The gourmand: Seven hours after picking up the SPOTY award Wiggins was photographed in a McDonalds swapping "gold medals for golden arches," as the Daily Mail puts it. The famous suit was "dishevelled", but it was hard evidence of the cyclist's stamina and "rock star cool". Reporter Laura Williamson gushed: "He manages to be the last man standing after five hours of cycling on brutal terrain or a long drinking session in the pub; looking equally at home in his racing Lycra or with a bottle of wine in one hand and a cigarette in the other."

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Great guy, Makes you proud to be British.

His response to the Queen's congratulations and his brusque manner when he snatched the trophy from the hands of the Duchess surely qualify him for the title of CHURL OF THE YEAR 2012. Makes you proud to be British? In far too many of our athletic contests we find the scum rising to the top.