Unemployed man spends last £500 on filming his own CV - video

Jan 3, 2013

Film of graduate presenting his own CV goes viral – but still no job offers just yet

AN UNEMPLOYED man has spent his last £500 on a video CV and billboard ad – and his earnest plea for a job in the media has gone viral.

Graduate Adam Pacitti from the Isle of Wight spent six hours a day applying for jobs with no luck, finally resorting to filming himself presenting his own CV and putting the video – called Employ Adam - on his new website. He also took out a billboard advert.

He told the Daily Mail: "My phone exploded, and now I've had over 7,000 re-Tweets. I'm incredibly humbled that people have seen I've thought outside the box, and then shared this with others."

Pacitti graduated in Media Production from the University of Winchester in 2012. He then saved up £500 by working in an amusement arcade, filling machines and stacking toys.

He said he had been contacted by a few companies, but is still waiting for a concrete job offer.

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Hell, I nearly cried at the end... good luck mate

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