Suzanne Moore: transsexual wrath has been 'insane'

Jan 17, 2013

In latest twist, Guardian columnist says she is owed an apology by the transgender community

THE GREAT transsexual slur saga will not be allowed to die quickly, it seems. Columnist Suzanne Moore has grabbed the limelight back from Julie Burchill in an attempt to have the last word on the subject.

It was Moore who originally caused offence by writing in an essay about female anger for the New Statesman that women today are expected to look like "Brazilian transsexuals".

After complaints from transsexuals drove Moore to quit Twitter (temporarily at least), fellow columnist Julie Burchill waded in, calling them "chicks with dicks" and "bed-wetters in bad wigs".

Today, writing in The Guardian, Moore claims she is owed an apology after facing the "insane" wrath of the transgender community. "No one has apologised to me for saying that I should be decapitated and [that] I support the English Defence League," she writes.

Moore also defends Burchill, whose Observer broadside against transsexuals was removed from the paper's website after it generated a backlash so strong that Coalition minister Lynne Featherstone called for her sacking.

Moore writes: "You don't commission someone like Julie Burchill to launch an Exocet missile and then say: 'Oh dear, we only really wanted a sparkler.'"

Moore's piece was published as veteran polemicist Rod Liddle – a man who has offended almost every minority in Britain – leapt to her defence in his Spectator column.

"One of these days, not too far away, the entire bourgeois bien-pensant left will self-immolate entirely leaving behind nothing but a thin skein of smoke smelling slightly of goji berries," Liddle muses. "Please let that day come quickly."

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The trans community is, somewhat understandably, as hyper-sensitive as they come. It's hard for a rational person to see what Suzanne did wrong her, all she appeared to say was that Brazilian transexuals have bodies females aspire to. Which to me is a compliment.

If your goal is to change your physical gender from male to female, and you end up, in Suzanne's opinion, looking better than many women I would say that's a pretty solid achievement and Suzanne's comment was more congratulatory than insulting.

Yet once again, many from the trans community have decided, encouraged by Pink News (who knows full well how sensitive trans women are thanks to the comments they deal with every day) to be offended yet again, possibly because it's their default stance.

They fail to realise that a lot of people are over transphobia and really couldn't care less if they once were men and are now women.

This is all just drama over nothing, with desperate links being made by Pink News between a recently "reported" transexual murder in Brazil. Enough attention has been given to this publication that's desperate to become a real source of journalism.

Lynne Featherstone is a Liberal Democrat minister.

Your lack of utter comprehension in this is shown by you thinking that trans women were ever men in the first place.

Its this nasty bigot that needs to apologise, not the transgender community - Twitter is a nasty place full stop, if you don't have a thick skin then best stay away dear.

It's stuff like that that makes trans people seem over-sensitive. When people are trying to be understanding, don't jump all over them.

Could there be a better term for eunuchs pumped up on artificial hormones? Women they are not.

Eh -- defending Burchill's disgusting rant is what really demonstrates how out of touch Moore actually is. I mean, beyond being incredibly offensive to trans people and women of color*, the minstrel analogy isn't even a sound one.

*And I can assure you, the problems Moore or Burchill have faced in their relatively affluent lives are NOTHING in comparison to what a WOC born around the poverty line faces from day to day.

Oh for pity's sake...more lazy journalism.

What actually happened is that Moore had a piece published. It was rather a good piece and few people took offence. A non-trans (this is important, non-trans) tweeted compliments about but questioned the use of the brazilian trans reference. Not unreasonable. Using a gratuitously offense brazilian trans reference in an otherwise good piece of work was rather like using a smiley face on the Mona Lisa.

Moore went apeshit and tweeted a stream of transphobic comments. THAT is what provoked the response from the community. And the rest is, as they say, history.

Moore has apologised, after a fashion (I didn't see it myself).

Pink News then ran a story about the murder of brzilian trans person. By itself, this is not news because brazilian trans people are murdered at an average rate of 2 every 3 days, but they referenced Moore's piece, with the result that she threatens the paper with legal action (twice, on two different social networks) on the day before she has a piece published, with no hint of irony, lamenting the loss the freedom of speech.

She later retracted the threat of legal action claiming it was a "joke". Right. We have never seen a celeb regret an ill thought comment and later claim it was a joke, have we?

Don't even get me started on Burchill's piece. If you removed all the hate, you would have a blank page.

I assume someone was paid to write this piece in The Week? Since I seem to have done the journalistic investigative work on your behalf, I think that probably some of that fee should be due to me.

Dear Ms. Moore just because some trans people got angry at you can called you names (after you started calling us names) doesn't mean there is a trans community that can apologize to you. Any apology would be meaningless as it was a couple of individuals who crossed the line not a structured group.

Over sensitive trans community? maybe, not surprising though is it really? trodden and stomped on by just about everyone for years as an easy target for a bit of bullying and slagging off, unless you live a trans life really you got no clue at all, it is not a lifestyle anyone with half a brain would choose, it is however better than carrying on living in your birth gender, just leave us alone, and treat us with some respect and undertsanding.

I have written the same thing in a dozen places. Here goes again. Moore's "Brazilian transsexual" was not lazy journalism or anything so benign. It was an invitation from Ms Moore for her readership to share in a stereotype, and for them to share her own prejudice. It had no more meaning in its original context than "hairy -lesbian" does when discussing feminism.

Moore implies that she is owed an apology by a whole community, most of whose members have never addressed her (I'm sure there are many who haven't even heard of her). She must understand how ridiculous this is.

w are tired of it.

she's dreaming

:) ite

Hello! the Transgender community is relatively modern and should get in line, behind the Feminists! Women with Vaginas have been oppressed for millennia and yet we are still not allowed to raise objections without being bullied! The reaction to this is so ridiculous, I'm now left wondering if Free minded Women, should cross dress to be taken seriously! Will they ever be considered as valuable as their Male counterparts?

Transgender people have existed throughout all human history, its just the word Transgender that is new.
You want to compare oppression? Lets compare then.

Received verbal abuse:
69 per cent of females
92 per cent transgender male to female

Physical assault without a weapon:
15 per cent of females
46 per cent transgender male to female

Physical attack with a weapon, knife, bottle or stone:

6 per cent of females
38 per cent transgender male to female

Source - AAP/Speaking Out: Stopping Homophobic and Transphobic Abuse in Queensland.

50% more verbal harassment, 3 times more assaults, 6 times more assaults with weapons. So actually the transgender women do suffer worse oppression than non-transgender women (which has been going on for millenia too, such as Emperor Elagabalus of Rome murdered for crossdressing and being feminine) and most Transgender women i know are feminists as you suggest they need to be. The stats around the world suggest that the non-transgender feminists need to become trans-positive feminists not the other way around.

An apology? Don't hold your breath, Ms Moore. I ain't holding mine waiting for yours. Stop pretending you're a victim in all of this. You're no victim; you are part of the reason why the vast majority of trans women (and men) endure verbal abuse, threats and violence. Your usage cannot be accepted any more than "raghead", "yid", "frog", "poofter" and "nigger" Your Brazilian transsexual comment was no of the cuff, quickly found simile. It was an invitation for your readership to share in perpetuating a gender stereotype.

Where are you getting your figures? I notice you don't mention Rape! maybe because that would mean Transgender people would have to side with the inferior Female perspective, instead of Women siding with them! As a Woman, I've been oppressed since birth, I don't see anyone throwing their toys out of the Pram about that these days. Girl cChildren are Murdered at Birth in some Communities, Girl children are more often sexually abused and traded, is anyone up in arms about that? It seems to me the largely male dominated Transgender community have few rude words spoken about them and a witch hunt ensues! I am totally steamed about this They chose their route to oppression, natural born Women didn't!!

I don't know about you, but I'm a trans female, and I've been raped: asked outside, pinned up against a wall, choked to consent, and pulled away to a pickup truck. How's that for a [singular] Female perspective?

NO! Transgender men (FtM) ARE men and transgender women (MtF) ARE women. If we (trans women) believed Females are inferior, then why would we become Females? NO, that is a projection by YOU, because YOU believe Females are inferior.

Furthermore, the first person to critique Suzanne Moore's piece was a cis Female. How's THAT for a [singular] Female perspective? Yes, most trans women accept Feminism and most Feminists accept trans women. 2nd Wave whackos and TERFs are the ones with the problem.

We choose to be Female like you choose to stay Female. That is to say, not at all... You thinking that body mapping is a choice demonstrates bigotry and ignorance. And if it is a choice, then choice is irrelevant, because we all have the right to define ourselves. You saying we're "male" is like men saying we (you AND me, here) "belong in the kitchen" i.e. defining people other than yourself.

how have you been oppressed?

maybe they should just apologise to her, i mean, their mental illness clearly impairs them to rational thought/emotions.. can't they just accept they're in the wrong for attacking her, like adults??