Viral world: what caught fire on the internet this week

Feb 1, 2013

Cats that look like One Direction, Lance Armstrong re-edited, and the man who caught a 100ft wave

OUR weekly round-up of the crème de le crème of the web – from gifs to memes to videos to blogs. Readers with suggestions for next week’s round-up should contact Dina Rickman at The Week.

Lance Armstrong is special. So very special that the disgraced cyclist’s Oprah Winfrey interview has inspired a spoof video where his words are cut and pasted to make the cyclist ‘sing’ Radiohead’s single ‘Creep.’ Watch the full thing below:

First the internet had cats. Then it had One Direction. The two just had to come together. This video explainer shows you how:

Following the suggestion Britain might take out anti-Romanian ads, the Eastern European country has hit back. Or at least their newspaper Gandul has. They released posters like these under a campaign titled: ‘we may not like Britain, but you will love Romania’.


It’s not clear why someone would recreate famous album covers using cats. But does it matter? See below for a sample of The Kitten Covers by Alfra Martini.

Garrett McNamara is reported to have broken his own world record for surfing the biggest wave ever, by taking on a 100ft breaker off the coast of Portugal this week. This video of the 45-year-old riding the giant wave went viral.

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