Huhne texts reveal bitter family split with son

Feb 4, 2013

Chris Huhne's teenage son threatened to tell police that his father pressured ex-wife over speeding

THE SON of disgraced former cabinet minister Chris Huhne told his father to admit that he pressured his ex-wife into taking speeding points, it has been revealed after reporting restrictions on the case were lifted.

The angry texts from Peter Huhne, who was 18 at the time, show the extent to which his relationship with his father had broken down after the MP and his wife, Vicky Pryce, Peter's mother, divorced. In the messages sent in 2010 and 2011 he repeatedly tells Huhne to stop contacting him and insults him.

Huhne, the former energy minister, today admitted a charge of perverting the course of justice and stood down as MP for Eastleigh in Hampshire.

The politician had previously denied the charge and had tried to have the case thrown out of court, but he changed his plea after reading the judge's full ruling on the defence application.

Mr Justice Sweeney has subsequently lifted reporting restrictions on the case and allowed the texts to be made public. The Daily Telegraph published them in full.

In one of the texts, sent in 2011, Peter wrote: "We all know that you were driving and you put pressure on Mum. Accept it or face the consequences. You've told me that was the case. Or will this be another lie?"

Huhne replied: "I have no intention of sending Mum to Holloway Prison for three months. Dad"

That prompted a response from the teenager that read: "Are you going to accept your responsibility or do I have to contact the police and tell them what you told me?"

In other texts read out in court Peter made his feelings about his father clear. One stated: "I don't want to speak to you, you disgust me, f**k off."

He also told Huhne: "You are the most ghastly man I've ever known. Does it give you pleasure that you have lost almost all of your friends?" He added: "You just don't get it."

The teenager rebuffed texts from his father wishing him good luck in his exams and congratulating him on getting into college.

On Christmas Day 2010 Huhne wrote: "Happy Christmas. I love you". Peter responded: "I hate you so f**k off."

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Why is collusion considered ok?

?? collusion??

I was referring to his wife's part in the cover up.

She has been charged, so it seems not OK.

The media are being very lenient; so cover up almost ok. Can we agree to disagree?

Why is there any surprise that an MP has been caught lying ?

Surely there is sympathy because there is a feeling that she was pressurised into taking the points and that he subsequently dumped her for a newer model.