Viral world: what caught fire on the internet this week

Feb 8, 2013

From a fish in a wheelchair to the pictures Beyonce didn’t want you to see, plus a young Adam Boulton

OUR weekly round-up of the crème de le crème of the web – from gifs to memes to videos to blogs. Readers with suggestions for next week’s round-up should contact Dina Rickman at The Week.

Sky News celebrated 24 years of 24 hour news with this viral video. See if you can spot a young Adam Boulton in the footage.

One pet owner’s makeshift harness for their goldfish went viral this week. Its unnamed owner realises the fish looks "a little silly - but it is better than lying at the bottom of the tank all day".

Buzzfeed’s homage to Beyonce’s fierce performance at the Super Bowl didn’t please the singer’s publicists, who respectfully asked them to take the pictures down.  Below is one of the pictures Beyonce didn’t want you to see.

This Guy Richie-directed clip shows David Beckham in pursuit of his dressing grown after it becomes caught in the rear door of a Land Rover. As a result he has to run through Los Angeles only in his underwear. The video below, promoting the footballer’s bodywear range for H&M, has been viewed more than three million times. 

North Korea’s official state website uploaded this eerie video showing a sleeping youth dreaming of an unidentified American city in flames as the pop hit We Are The World played...

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