London in motion: 16m journeys using Oyster cards tracked - video

Feb 20, 2013

Transport planner Jay Gordon visualises one day in bustling city with 60-second animation

EVERY DAY 16 million transactions are made by 3.1 million Londoners using Oyster cards. This captivating animation, by transport planner Jay Gordon, tracks them all. With the help of private data Transport for London (TfL) provided for his master's thesis, Gordon has made a one-minute time-lapsed video of a typical Wednesday in 2011.

The green dots represent train or bus passengers, the blue dots represents where travellers came from and the red dots show people in transit.

Gordon told blog AtlanticCities his visualisation could help TfL workers: "A planner comes in, in the morning, has a cup of coffee, watches this one-minute animation from yesterday and looks for patterns. If something looks weird, they can say, 'What happened yesterday over by King's Cross Underground?"

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