International Women's Day 2013: 'stop violence against us'

Mar 8, 2013

Key events in London today include release of single 'One Woman' and a Pankhurst-led walk

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THE THEME of International Women's Day today is the prevention of violence against women. The UN estimates that more than two-thirds of women and girls across the world have experienced sexual or physical violence. UN executive director for women Michelle Bachelet says: "This year, we say enough is enough. Discrimination and violence against women and girls has no place in the 21st century." Here are some of today's key events in London:

Suffragette walk: Helen Pankhurst, great-granddaughter of suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst, is to lead a walk through London today to help draw attention to the plight of girls in developing countries. Pankhurst will team up with the women who dressed up as suffragettes for last summer's Olympics opening ceremony. She told The Independent she believes IWD is about "celebrating and being out there with other women".

Anti-FGM campaign: The British government has already announced ahead of today a £35m programme aimed at eradicating female genital mutilation worldwide within a generation.

One-off single: The United Nation's programme for gender equality, UN women, is releasing a one-off single called One Woman. The UN sees it as a "rallying cry" for those who support an end to violence against women. Graham Lyle, who wrote Tina Turner's What's Love Got To Do With It, teamed up with British/Somali singer-songwriter Fahan Hassan to write the music. The lyrics are by Beth Blatt.

Downing Street's world map: Number 10 has released an interactive map to show what action the British government is taking to support and empower women across the globe. Take a look at their efforts here.

Naomi Wolf in town: London's Southbank Centre is running a 'Women of the World' festival from today until Sunday to celebrate all things female. Day passes cost £12. Speakers include feminist and author Naomi Wolf and controversial journalist Julie Bindel, who will discuss pornography.

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