Shetland's 'only call girl' gives up plan to start escort service

Mar 18, 2013

Brazilian woman 'Honey' abandons escort service on island due to lack of clients

A WOMAN described as Shetland's only call girl has scrapped plans to start a full-time escort service on the Islands - due to a lack of clients. The 46-year-old Brazilian, known only as Honey, said her business, the Magnificent Shetland Escort service, only received two emails in six months, reports The Times

She told the paper: "I don't know if I could pay my bills if I stayed. I have a lot of local clients. If they are married, they are worried about putting something in the back of their wives' minds."

Honey said her clients from the secluded islands prefer to see her in Aberdeen, where she is currently based, around 200 miles way. One even met her in Norway, which is more than 300 miles away, to avoid detection.

The news comes shortly after the call girl sought to reassure islanders about her work, telling the Shetland Times she was a "business woman". "I do business with what belongs to me: my body, my mind, my soul," she said. "The papers always talking about the trafficking – the poor girls who are sexually abused in the sex industry – but I'm not that girl."

Local councillor Andrea Manson, 54, said she thought the locals would have been "scared to darken her [Honey's] door for fear of word getting out". "I don't approve. I think it's an awful exploitation of women. I hope more people don't follow her over, but there's nothing we can do about it."

Honey, however, said she would still come to Shetland, which has a population of just 22,210, if clients wanted to pay for her to visit, saying: "I think they will be more reserved now. I was trying to have a low profile and be as discreet as I could."

In Scotland prostitution is legal but related activities such as soliciting sex in public can lead to prosecution.

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OMG Uk have nothing elase to post on the news??? patetic

How is a Brazilian allowed to live in the UK.

Why not?

She earns her living. (Does she pay tax? As an agency she would).