One Direction do the Harlem Shake - video

Boy band take on international dance craze in video 'that could make the internet explode'

LAST UPDATED AT 16:13 ON Tue 2 Apr 2013

ONE DIRECTION treated fans to an impromptu performance of the Harlem Shake during a gig at London’s O2 Arena last night.

As the Metro points out, the boys are a little slow off the mark – the international dance craze’s popularity peaked last month. But it didn’t stop them from giving it their best go, with Zayn Malik leading efforts in response to a fan's request.

The boy band may need more coordinated choreography if they're considering repeating the performance, but the Daily Mirror says: "If there’s one video that could make the world-wide web explode – it could be this".

In other One Direction news it has been revealed that the band – no stranger to adoration from fans – listen to a recording of screaming girls during soundchecks to help adjust their vocals.

A source said: "It helps them manage their vocals. There's little point rehearsing in an empty arena because it's completely different when the venue is filled with people making noise".

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