Protestors who abused Farage in Edinburgh are a 'disgrace'

May 17, 2013

UKIP leader calls mob 'fascist scum' but supporters say he won't stop engaging with those who hate him

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THE mob of angry protestors who forced Nigel Farage to flee a press conference in Scotland will only strengthen the UKIP leader's belief in good-natured debate, one of his supporters has said.

Farage was whisked away in a police van yesterday after about 50 protestors disrupted the party's Edinburgh launch of its by-election campaign for Aberdeen Donside. The UKIP leader had to be escorted away by police as protestors yelled 'fascist' and told him to 'Go home to England'.

The incident was condemned by several of Farage's political opponents today including The Daily Telegraph columnist Dan Hodges.

"I'm no political fan of Nigel Farage," tweeted Hodges. "But what happened in Scotland is a disgrace. He's free to campaign wherever he wants."

Farage branded the protestors "fascist scum" and said that they were motivated by "total and utter hatred" of the English.

"If this is the face of Scottish nationalism, it's a pretty ugly nation, Farage told the BBC's Good Morning Scotland programme. "The anger, the hatred, the shouting, the snarling, the swearing were all linked in to a desire for the Union Jack to be burnt."

Writing in the Daily Telegraph, Michael Heaver, a political commentator who campaigns for UKIP, said that those who had "hounded" Farage in Edinburgh had sunk to new lows. They had failed to realise that Farage "welcomes" those hostile to his opinions to attend his public meetings.

"Those who hate Farage can say why - and he will give them the courtesy of a response," writes Heaver. "Not all politicians do that; he should be respected for it."

But Farage's tolerance for those he perceives as opponents was not in evidence this morning when he hung up the phone in the middle of a radio interview with Good Morning Scotland. Farage said he had "sensed hatred" in some of the questions posed by interviewer David Miller, who probed the UKIP leader about his knowledge of Scottish politics.

Miller said the electoral outlook for UKIP in Scotland is "rather gloomy" and asked Farage how many elected representatives the party had there.

"Absolutely none," the UKIP leader replied, before adding: "I'm sensing similar hatred from this line of questioning that I got on the streets yesterday in Edinburgh."

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As a Scot, I must say that I'm deeply embarrassed about this 'protest'. There is this strain in the SNP - aggressively xenophobic yet hard line left. A funny contradiction. I must say that I am very tempted to now vote for UKIP - they alone are calling for an end to the windmills which don't lower our co2 emissions, do nada to ween us off coal, make us use more imported gas, damage tourism and property prices, create fuel poverty, kills birds and bats, destroy carbon sink peat bogs with concrete etc.

The SNP will lose their 'battle for independence'. I predict 75% say no (at least).

Come and join us. I am a member of the Party in Scotland and we are always looking for supporters to help us further our cause. The whole windmill thing is a massive joke and in Scotland there are a large group of UKIP members who campaign against them.

Who said the protesters were nationalists,much more likely to belong to one or all of the other parties who are running scared.

UKIP leader Nick Farage was bundled into a police van in Edinburgh yesterday, shortly after arriving at a pub.

Nice to see a politician observing the local customs for once!

Running scared of what? More and more polls showing that a clear majority of Scots like the Union?

The saturation planting of windmills in parts of Scotland is a disgrace and is ruining the landscape.

"all linked in to a desire for the Union Jack to be burnt"

It's an odd paradox in Scotland that the Union Jack is also the preferred symbol of opposition to people of Catholic Irish extraction.

Get rid of scotland they are animals and should need a visa to visit England.
All they do is take diazepam , get beaten up and spew up on drugs.

It appears your own medication is disagreeing with you too.

It was the "Vote Yes for Scotland" banner that was the biggest clue. Hercule Poirot wasn't required to explain the implications of that.

It would seem we have our own 'swivel eyed loons' here too! A hideous display of English hating,foam mouthed,nasty 'little Scotlanders' who further alienated their cause of separation/isolation....for all the world to see! I'm Scots too and embarassed to call these ignorant idiots my countrymen. As with most right thinking Scots this will further re-affirm our determination to stay within the Union.