Wham! George Michael fell out of car at 70mph says witness

May 21, 2013

Singer 'lucky to be alive' after falling from Range Rover's passenger seat and dodging M1 traffic

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GEORGE MICHAEL fell out of a car travelling at 70mph on the M1 motorway and was almost struck by other vehicles as he "bounced" down the northbound lane, it has emerged today.

Katherine Fox was driving behind the singer's silver Range Rover on Thursday when she saw the 49-year-old fall from the vehicle's passenger seat on a four-lane stretch of the M1 near St Albans. Fox, 23, said she "skidded to a halt", narrowly missing Michael who "bounced" down the lane towards her.

When Fox got out of her car she saw the singer had a "nasty cuts" on his forehead and the back of his head. There was blood all down his face and on his teeth, she told The Sun.

Michael was airlifted to a specialist trauma centre in London and was being kept at the facility for observation this week.

"He did suffer a couple of bumps and bruises to the head and that's why they are keeping him in - to keep an eye on him," a spokeswoman for the star said. "He is making good progress".

Fox said she had used her Mini to stop oncoming traffic hitting Michael. The singer was dazed and the black and gold Adidas tracksuit he was wearing was badly ripped. Fox managed to collect his training shoes that were dislodged by the impact, but a car ran over his designer sunglasses. "He was lucky not to die," she said.

Michael was travelling with two friends when the accident occurred. It is believed he tried to open and shut the door of the Range Rover after realising it was not properly closed, but fell from the passenger seat. His friends pulled on to the hard shoulder and ran back across two lanes of traffic to help the singer.

The singer's accident is the latest in a string of vehicle-related incidents, prompting The Guardian to suggest that "George Michael may have a problem with cars". The pop star had crashes in 2004, 2006, 2009 and 2010 and there have also been a number of well-publicised "slumped-over-the-wheel" moments, the paper says.

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"Fox said she had used her Mini to stop oncoming traffic hitting Michael"


Clearly no seat belt. Seems he fell out at 70 mph ?!
But all is well as he fell on his head.

Is he being charge with not wearing a seat bell,this guy is a danger to himself and other road users

George Michael as a problem full .