Viral world: what caught fire on the internet this week

Jun 7, 2013

News anchors fight on live TV, a father wears Nazi uniform to court and a sea lion gets cuddly

OUR weekly round-up of the crème de le crème of the web – from memes to videos to blogs. Readers with suggestions for next week's round-up should contact Dina Rickman at The Week.

DYNAMIC DUO Mouthy Philadelphia news anchor Nicole Brewer, a former Miss Pensylvania, just can't get along with meteorologist Carol Erickson. In this compilation, the dynamic duo bicker back and forth, with Erickson at one point remarking: "That was an interesting little exchange I'm sure she regrets, along with that last glass of whatever."

TASTY CRAZE A 'redditor' has created the popular tumblr Phones Replaced With Sandwiches, featuring digitally-manipulated photos where phones have been replaced with sandwiches. For more of this tasty craze, see here.

DAREDEVIL HANGS FROM 250FT CRANE James Kingston hung by one hand off a 250ft crane in Southampton's Ocean Village, filming himself by one camera strapped to his chest and another behind him. The thrill-seeker said of the stunt: "I didn't go up there to die. I went up there to live."

SEALED WITH A KISS J.R. Gilkinson captured what he calls ‘the experience of 1,000 lifetimes' when a baby sea lion jumped aboard his boat and came in for a cuddle, two miles out from Newport Beach, California. The snugly stowaway made itself right at home, exploring the boat before settling in on Gilkinson's lap.

FATHER WEARS NAZI UNIFORM TO COURT White supremacist Heath Campbell went to court in a Nazi uniform on Monday, and told the judge he was a good father despite naming one of his children Adolf Hitler. Little Hitler, aged 6, is brother to siblings Joycelynn Aryan Nation, 5, Honszlynn Hinler, 4, and 18-month old Hans.

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Pity the sea lion clip was shot in portrait, in landscape it would have been priceless.