BBC attacked over interview with Tommy Robinson of EDL

Jun 11, 2013

Leader of far right group given platform on Today show 'to spout lies and anti-Muslim sentiment'

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WOOLWICH, WEDNESDAY: Members of the far-right English Defence League (EDL) gather in Woolwich following the killing of Drummer Lee Rigby. David Cameron called the attack "sickening". Police had to guard against for backlash attacks on British Muslims.

THE BBC was under fire today for giving a platform to Tommy Robinson, the leader of the English Defence League, who used it to deny that his group was behind a fire at a London Islamic centre, even though the letters EDL had been painted on the building.

"If something was set fire and someone wrote 'David Cameron' on the side of it, does it mean he did it?," asked Robinson, who also implied that the fire had been started by Muslims.

Robinson appeared on Radio 4's Today programme where he was interviewed by Sarah Montague in the aftermath of a court case in which six men were jailed for 117 years for plotting to kill and main EDL members at a rally in Yorkshire.
Although he admitted his organisation used "completely questionable" tactics, Robinson said he "utterly condemned" attacks on Muslims and claimed his organisation was the voice of the white working class.

"I understand people who say you are going about it the wrong way," he said, "but what choice do we have as working-class people, who, as soon as you put your head above the parapet, you call a racist or a fascist?"
Robinson, who has convictions for assault and threatening behaviour, said he "utterly condemned" any violent act. But as the Evening Standard points out, he announced seconds later that he would attack any member of the EDL who performed a Nazi salute in front of him.

The interview brought an immediate wave of criticism. Mirror's political commentator Kevin Maguire said Robinson would "laugh all the way to [the] next EDL brawl". Singer Billy Bragg claimed that he Robinson had aired his views "unopposed". Former Labour MP Denis MacShane accused Today of providing a "non-critical platform" for the EDL.
Another Twitter user accused the BBC of allowing the EDL to "spout lies, racism & anti-Muslim sentiment to millions". Others accused Montague of being under prepared. The Guardian reports that many had asked "why Tommy Robinson, who is not an elected representative, was invited on the flagship programme at all".
Daily Telegraph blogger Dan Hodges says that Robinson, by insisting he opposed violence, "made a pretty good fist of pulling the wool over the eyes of his interviewer Sarah Montague, and the nation as a whole".

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"even though the letters EDL had been painted on the building"

Couldn't get beyond this farcical statement. Thank God you are not a prosecutor.

Tommy Robinson spoke from the heart, and spoke the truth as a working class Brit. No wonder the political elites don't want him to be heard.

He didn't use the words "white working class", those were the words that Sarah Montague attempted to put in his mouth. Now you are attempting to do the same thing. If you actually take the time to listen to the interview again you might get your facts right.

Anjem Choudary is allowed to "spout lies about non Muslims but that ok cos he one of the good guys RIGHT

That guy is only ever referred to as a 'hate preacher'... he gets a really good press, doesn't he. The organisations he runs have been banned, and rightly so, and he lives under constant scrutiny. He's hardly popular...

I was taking the piss

Who ever wrote this article is a utter moron.