'Useless' JobCentre is waste of time says businesswoman

Aug 23, 2013

Jean Rasbridge accuses agency of helping benefits claimants 'tick boxes' instead of finding work

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WHEN Jean Rasbridge advertised an £8-an-hour position as a warehouse packer with her local JobCentre she got almost 100 applications.

The Swansea businesswoman was delighted with the result, until she compiled a shortlist and began inviting promising applicants for an interview. Of the seven jobseekers offered a shot at the post, only two turned up for an interview and the person she hired didn’t turn up for work.

Now Rasbridge has branded the government employment service “useless” and accused it of helping jobseekers “tick boxes” to keep their benefits, the Daily Mail reports.

“I found the JobCentre completely useless and other people in our industry say the same thing,” said Rasbridge, who runs a company selling electronic cigarettes. “It was a complete waste of time for them, the JobCentre and for us. They weren’t interested in working for us, even when we showed an interest in employing them.”

Her firm has now stopped using JobCentre after its “nightmare” experience, she says.

Rasbridge realised something was amiss when she began getting applications from “people with PhDs, teachers, lecturers”, some of whom lived as far away as Glasgow. “It suddenly clicked with me that they were just filling in the forms to retain their benefits.”

The Mail points out that laws introduced last October mean jobseekers can lose their benefits for up to three years if they repeatedly refuse to seek or be available for work. Rasbridge says the government should make it less attractive for unemployed people to claim benefits.

“When they’ve got to get up at 8am, catch a bus to work and stay until 5pm, there is not much incentive to do so when they are managing well on various benefits,” she said. “It’s too much like hard work.”

A JobCentre spokesman insisted its advisers work hard to help people off benefits and into a job.

“It is only right that jobseekers should do everything they can to find work if they want to claim Jobseekers’ Allowance,” the spokesman told the Mail. “Our advisers will work with them to ensure they apply for jobs which suit their skills and experience.”

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Why make a short list? You don't exactly need someone with exceptional skills for your packing vacancies. Anyone with half a brain would of known instantly people with PhDs.Or teachers, lecturers etc, don't work their butts off for years at university for their degrees to end up as a packer! But if people with such qualifications are "just ticking boxes" as you say,so they can keep their pittance of jobseekers until a more suitable job they have strived so hard for comes along, then I'm sorry, but I don't blame them. I feel people like you who tend to judge all jobseekers as lazy or ungrateful ingrates, really need to find some other more deserving villians to name call and insult for once. Such as your bankers, corrupt Mps etc, who cost us many more billions than any unemployed do or ever could. Yet it's always the same old propaganda, because a few jobseekers/benefit claimants let you down then all of them are the same, getting far too much that they can't be bothered, what a crock of crap that is.

i'm a jobseeker and would gladly give up benefits for work wheather its retail/warehousing/cleaning i'd do it just to get off benefits and i find the jobcentre is more helpful then there get back to work schemes and the work programme is useless and a waste of tax payers money but yet again were all being tard and fathered with the same brush and branded lazy & workshy which isn't case for a lot of people and most generally do wanna get off benefits and the ones that don't the jobcentre know these lazy sods and should be targeting them instead