Boris Johnson 'fails IQ test'. Are you smarter than the mayor?

Johnson gets two answers wrong and doesn't answer the third question. Can you do better?

LAST UPDATED AT 13:12 ON Tue 3 Dec 2013

BORIS JOHNSON has "failed" a short IQ test, days after suggesting that millions of people are too stupid to get on in life, the Daily Mirror reports.

The London mayor was asked three questions on London radio today after making a speech last week in which he said that 16 per cent of "our species" had an IQ of less than 85 and two per cent more than 130. Johnson made the remark as part of the annual Margaret Thatcher lecture, arguing that inequality is essential to fostering "the spirit of envy" and greed is a "valuable spur to economic activity".

The remarks unleashed a torrent of hostile comment in the press and David Cameron distanced himself from them. Speaking on his regular LBC 97.3 phone-in show this morning Johnson insisted his remarks had been misinterpreted.

"People are entitled to misinterpret, wilfully to misconstrue what I said if they so choose," he told listeners. He added: "What I was saying actually is there is too much inequality and my speech was actually a warning."

Writing in the New Statesman, George Eaton says the mayor's "belated acknowledgement that inequality is too high only intensifies the question of why he is in favour of policies, such as a reduction in the top rate of tax and the return of grammar-style schools, that would make the gap even wider".

Despite the mayor's insistence that his comments about intelligence had been misrepresented, radio presenter Nick Ferrari pressed ahead with a short IQ test. Here are the questions, Johnson's responses and the correct answers:

Question 1

A man builds a house with four sides of rectangular construction, each side having a southern exposure. A big bear comes along. What colour is it?

Johnson's answer: The bear is probably brown.

Correct answer: White. It is a polar bear as the house has four sides facing south and therefore must be at the north pole.

Question 2

How many apples would you have if you took two apples from three apples?

Johnson's answer: You've got loads of apples mate, you've got one apple left.

Correct answer: You took two apples, so you've got two apples.

Question 3

I went to bed at eight o'clock in the evening and wound my alarm clock to set the alarm for nine o'clock in the morning. How many hours' sleep will I get before the alarm goes off?

Johnson's answer: I slept like a log.

Correct answer: An hour as a wind-up clock only has 12 hours. · 

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these aren't proper IQ tests they're more like riddles from a Christmas Cracker. I'd imagine Boris's IQ is high despite his amiable buffoon schtick.

Squiz - IQ "proper" test or not,nevertheless, a miserable lack of brightness. Incidentally my parrot Melanie Einsteiner got all three correct. Tis true, tis true.

2 apples from 3, so you have 2. What if you already had 5 apples? You'd have 7...loads of apples.

Why 5? Why not? The given answer would be correct only for 0 and many people have apples.

i just heard the radio interview and it was embarrassing. He just brow beat him with these questions, and was rude. I don't give a fig about Boris but Ferrari sounded like a right dick.

These are merely psychological trick questions, usually phrased by con men and charlatans with the exception of the first, which is a true logic problem.

Totally irrelevant crap,Cameron and Miliband could probably answer those quiz questions but can't lead a horse to water,leadership is about leading not answering silly riddles

Boris Johnson is full of hot air and low IQ hot air at that.

Take heart, Boris. I ploughed too.

i have i wind-up clock with 24 hrs on it so question 3 is subjective to what type of clock you have

Loooools! Loadsa apples.

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