Boris goes electric: Mayor drives new black cab - video

Battery-powered taxi set to 'revolutionise' travel in the capital with silent, pollution-free operation

LAST UPDATED AT 13:45 ON Thu 19 Dec 2013

BORIS JOHNSON has got behind the wheel of London's new electric-powered black cab, a vehicle its maker claims will revolutionise travel in the capital next year.

The Range-Extended Electric Metrocab (REE) is "near silent", says the London Evening Standard and emissions-free. It will be trialled in London early next year and, if successful, will go on sale for the same price as the rival TX-4 diesel-powered black cab.

Drivers will be able to "slash their running costs" by charging the taxi's lithium-ion polymer batteries at home on a standard three-pin plug, the paper says. There will also be designated charging posts around London.

The REE will never run out of power, its manufacturer says, because its batteries will be re-charged by a small 'range-extender' petrol engine under the bonnet. The motor will allow the electric vehicle to make longer journeys outside the capital. · 

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