UFO spotted in Berkshire skies leaves investigators baffled

Jan 6, 2014

Object shaped like a rugby ball flew within a few feet of passenger jet at 34,000ft, claims pilot

AVIATION authorities have been left baffled after a UFO in the shape of a rugby ball reportedly passed within a few feet of a passenger jet near Heathrow Airport. 

A pilot on the A320 Airbus reported the near miss to air traffic controllers, prompting an investigation. However, no one has been able to identify the object.

The aircraft was cruising at 34,000ft, around 20 miles west of Heathrow Airport, over the Berkshire countryside, when the captain spotted the object out of a left-hand side cockpit window.

It was said to be "cigar/rugby ball like" in shape, bright silver and "metallic" and travelling towards the jet. The pilot said he felt certain it was going to crash into his aircraft and ducked as it headed towards him, but it did not appear to make impact. He told investigators he believed the object passed "within a few feet" above the jet.

The sighting occurred in daylight, at around 6.35pm on 13 July last year". It has only emerged now, following publication of the report, which concluded it was "not possible to trace the object or determine the likely cause of the sighting". The incident was investigated by the UK Airprox Board, which studies "near misses" involving aircraft in British airspace. It ruled out other aircraft, meteorological balloons, toy balloons and military objects.

The report does not name the airline or flight involved, but the Daily Telegraph says the aircraft was likely to have been travelling between a regional UK airport and another in Europe. The A320 Airbus typically carries around 150 passengers.

Aviation staff detect around one unexplained flying object every month, according to figures from the National Air Traffic Control Services in 2012. The Ministry of Defence closed its UFO desk in December 2009, after which the Civil Aviation Authority decided to look into such reports from aircrew and air traffic controllers.

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In World War II many pilots reported similar incidents...They became known as "Foo Fighters" objects that would follow aircraft for miles without hitting them.

The latest on ball lightning is considered to be created by underground earthquakes that perform something like static shock and energizes the air above sometimes 30 minutes before the quake can be felt. Leaving positive or negatively charged air particles might let a charged air pocket to follow a plane.

"Hey, Jimmy, what are you doin' with my rugby ball and that helium?"

They's aliens! I seed 'em.

With the use of so many drones these days, it will be difficult for the crazies to tell the drones from the really "interesting" UFOs.

The NSA on the job !


Poor writing. Never mentioned the dimensions.

, bright silver and "metallic" ..with Happy Birthday on the side in pink letters

Are they illegal aliens? I bet if they lean to the left the can get all kinds of benefits and will be able to stay, just as long as they vote democrat.
Rich in New Mexico.

Has to be due to global warming.

Surprised they even released this report without explaning it away as natural phenomenon...

It was an artifact of America's increasing debt ceiling.

Illegal? No problem. They make an Executive Order for that!

It is extremely hard to estimate dimensions without a frame of reference. If you don't know how far away the object is, size becomes rather indeterminate. Against a blue sky, or an over cast backdrop, it can fool you quickly.

It was approximately 24 inches in diameter. Does that help?

I am not a believer of alien visitation and such things. But I really dislike those who dismiss all accounts of UFOs and call people crazy just because.

If you ever see something the mainstream news can't explain, keep it to yourself...or you are crazy!

Stay inside the 3x5 card of acceptable thought and make fun of those who don't. Ahhh....the spirit of the intellectual frontier.

I had forgotten those eerie reports! Thanks for reminding me.

It's the law of probability....

why would they make contact when we keep electing people like Obama, clearly no signs of intelligent life here.

So the long shot never happens?

I guess any time the odds are stacked one way, we should dismiss entirely the occurrence of an event of low odds.

That's just intellectual laziness, imho.

If we are going to consider ourselves people seeking truth / knowledge / wisdom then we have to be open to just about anything.

Otherwise, we are operating on assumptions too strongly and eliminating possible truths.

That isn't science, imho. That's using science to create a reality that makes us comfortable from a sociological point of view.

Hobama Choom needs a good ass kicking.

My wife and I saw an object last summer about 15-minutes before dusk. It passed almost directly over us and was only about 50-feet above the ground. It was traveling about 20-miles an hour and didn't make a sound. I first thought it was a drone, but then realized this thing didn't have any wings! What was it? I still don't know, but I can tell you this: at about 10-12 feet wide and 35-40 feet long, it was larger than any drone I've seen.

lol... yes, and at 34000 feet and traveling at 600 mph? Now that is some birthday balloon=

Yeah, cause the author should've fabricated that evidence. Let's say it was ohhhh 50/10/10 meters. guh.

I should add, on a scale of 1-10 for aerodynamics, it would get a zero, as its shape was like an upside down school bus without the wheels!

If citizens took their governments back they'd discover all sorts of interesting things that have been hidden from them.

These things are all government technologies and experiments.

Yet another of Obama's secret drones?

It can't be global warming. It's "climate change" now. You know, since the East Anglia bruhaha.

Interesting to think about, but warping space is possible, this gets around the whole can't go faster than light problem...

I once saw an orange party balloon while turning for an approach to a small airport in Kentucky. For several moments it had the appearance of a much larger, faster object that was maneuvering. I was low and slow and turned to keep it in sight and therefore was able to determine it was about 10 inches in diameter and very close.

It was Uncle Rico throwing a football over the mountain.

how did they rule out toy balloon?

Al Gore invented the UFO along with the internet and global warming.

occam's razor.

"Illegal" implies that we have rule of law in this country. LMAO! Thanks, I needed the laugh.

"So the long shot never happens?"

when the choices are "aliens warped space so they could visit earth" and "oddly shaped mylar balloon" no, the long shot did not happen.

Many things in heaven and earth are "improbable".

Probably just swamp gas.


When the USA was a supper power, we did those things to the Third World Nations, now China is doing it to this Third World Nation and there is nothing the USA can do to stop them.

Scientist are the worst at accepting things that do not fall within their criteria of what is possible. Little to no imagination. Plait and his Bad Astronomy IMHO are prime examples.

Klaktu nikto barrada

Model Rocket?

Sounds like liberal dogma

GB's fault.

With the likes of Red Lobster, Applebees, and the Golden Corral, the US is still the world's leading supper power. C'mon. What other nation offers Buy One, Get One Free?

Maybe it WAS a rugby ball.

Another comment section ruined by bad Obama jokes.
Obama derangement syndrome.

Are they time travelers? Just recently we learned that the Obama admin funded a study that looked for proof of time travelers on the internet, of course, wasting money while people are out of work & hungry is what they do best.

Because a toy balloon can't travel 90 degrees to the aircraft flight path... toward the aircraft ...at Mach 0.8.

If it appeared metallic then it would have shown up on Radar

I can image the way we look to them. A destructive civilization driving around in aluminum cans powered by liquified dinosaurs.. I'd be scared to meet us too.

Or maybe it was a punt from Mike Scifres of the San Diego Chargers that hadn't come down yet.

I'm going to go with a shiny, metallic, rugby ball/cigar-shaped thingy. That or super-model Claudia Schiffer; we haven't seen her for awhile.

Balloons don't float to 34k feet. But nice try.

spot on!!!

Or my favorite:

It was some swamp gas that got trapped in a thermal pocket and refracted the light from Venus.

Hat tip: Tommy Lee Jones MIB

A rugby ball is shaped like a football... not a rectangular box?

a toy balloon can travel 90 degrees to the aircraft flight path...anything can.

a toy balloon can travel toward the aircraft, or the pilot could have been wrong about that.

"at Mach 0.8".......that detail isn't included in the story. where are you getting that?

RIGHT...but mylar balloons wont reach anywhere near 34k... so it wasn't a balloon.

Wow those Brits can sure kick a ball!

Was it shaped like a Drink cart?

Im guessing that since the object passed within a "few feet" of the plane... he could give accurate dimensions.

Thats because we don't like him.

Maybe these "ancient aliens" are satanic and they're coming to take Obama back to Hell?!

>>> it was the planet Venus.

Who might "they" be?

A UFO is any flying object that has not been identified. Nothing about little green men, etc. _You_ have no place talking about intelligent life.

And, of course, these omnipotent and benevolent beings never EVER used ANY natural resources to become an advanced civilization. They all just held hands in a circle singing the alien version of Kumbaya and POOF, interstellar travel and everything. Just like that.

google "Test of Toy Balloons Performed For Federal Department of Aviation".

yes they can.

Why do all the remaining thinking people
only live in our mother country ?

One can hope!


I'm pretty hung up on the whole warping space theory. This however seems very promising:


At 1/10 the speed of light, it's the fastest practical design I've seen.

I was raised on Edwards air force base. they are real and have been here before. they landed of the flight line in 1968 3 ufos fully documented

I didn't know there were any bad Obama jokes....at least its just a comment section being ruined, instead of the entire middle class of a country....

I have seen one and my brother has too

Soon all jokes on this subject will stop.

Shut up about Obama, such a easy jab isnt it.

Or 'super-sizing.'

Probably not.

Obama IS the joke...

When they see how shallow the gene pool is on this planet, I'm sure they will leave us to our certain fate.

any photos? a phone takes pretty good pics these days.

It's like you all have never heard of Quidditch.


If the aliens are liberal they didn't build that.

He's a lost negro.

Like you do?

Bush's fault.

I've never seen one and neither has my sister.

Little Johnny is at it again... President Obama was visiting a primary school and he visited one of the classes.

They were in the middle of a discussion related to words and their meanings.

The teacher asked the president if he would like to lead the discussion on the word 'tragedy'?

So our illustrious president asked the class for an example of a 'tragedy'.

One little boy stood up and offered: 'If my best friend, who lives on a farm, is playing in the field and a tractor runs over him and kills him, that would be a tragedy?'

'No,' said Obama, 'that would be an accident.'

A little girl raised her hand: 'If a school bus carrying 50 children drove over a cliff, killing everyone inside, that would be a tragedy.'

'I'm afraid not,' explained Obama. 'That's what we would call great loss.' The room went silent. No other children volunteered.

Obama searched the room. 'Isn't there someone here who can give me an example of a tragedy?'

Finally at the back of the room, Little Johnny raised his hand.

In a quiet voice he said: If the plane carrying you and Mrs. Obama was struck by a 'friendly fire' missile and blown to smithereens that would be a tragedy.'

'Fantastic!' exclaimed Obama. 'That's right. And can you tell me why that would be tragedy?'

'Well,' says Little johnny, 'It has to be a tragedy, because it certainly wouldn't be a great loss... and it probably wouldn't be an accident either.

just a new high-tech drone running a test flight...nothing else.... move on, sheep.

All the technology the world has mostly came from capitalistic ventures started here in the US of A. All these damned liberals that want communism and socialism tend to forget that their stupid iphones are a product of capitalism.

very easy, thank you.

You are really bright, aren't you? You think Heathrow airport and Berkshire are in the US. Or you somehow think that the US airspace extends to the British Isles? No wonder this country (US) is in so much trouble.

i am sure she has seen something cigar shaped

Thats Klatu barrada nikto. Yes, I know that makes me a bigger nerd than you. lol

It's a joke dude...lighten up Francis


Look closer to the warping of space/time, they have actually done it in experiments.

Dems will want to legalize them and chain them to the welfare state for another victim voting group.


what only non-democrat politicians are fair game for barbs? If the readers don't do it, who will? 90% of the media is drooling still in complete idol worship of a leftwing politician of black skin tone who can read a teleprompter

That poor pilot probably just ended his career. They're supposed to keep 'mum' about these things.

oooooohhhhhh no you didnt

It was the new SR-72.

My brother and sister-in-law saw something in the desert on the way to California. They said it was a small red globe (about the size of a basketball). It kept moving at right angles forming a square. And yes he does smoke pot but still....

Clearly a weather balloon.

...or swamp gas.

Ah, that's liquefied Dino's AND people and animals. Every living thing died on the earth at one point in time and all of the people and animals dead bodies formed in great pools and when the water receded it left pockets of people/animals which formed into oil deposits. Dead plant material formed in pockets too and that turned into coal. Those people (including many giants) and animals that were covered by mudslides and other debris became fossils. Just Google around and see how much physical evidence there actually is that there was a world wide flood.

My Dad flew a P51 in WWII...he once told me that when he was lining up on a German fighter both he and the German pilot had to react to a UFO..it startled them both so much that he lost sight of the other fighter.

UFO playing chicken and won. Damn. Let the invasion begin.

Why shut up about Obama? He has 3 more years of being a willing piñata and can resign any day it gets to be too much. Of course, that would subject us to that idiot Biden, and I suppose you would whine about him also being too obvious a target.

Hidden? Such as things as how truley incompetant and inept our Gov't really is?
E Pluribus Dumb Luck is the new motto on all our new IOU money.

John McCain, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama all die and go to heaven. God looks down from his throne and asks McCain, “Do you think you deserve to be in heaven?”

McCain takes a breath and then replies, “Well, I think so because I was a great leader and tried to follow the words in your great book.” God looks down and then says, “You can sit to my left side.”

So, McCain takes his seat and then God asks the same question to Hillary, “Do you think you deserve to be in heaven?” Hillary thinks for a second and then replies, “I think so because I have been fighting for the rights of so many people for so long.” God again looks down and this time says, “You can sit to my right side.”

Finally God turns to Barack Obama and asks, “Do you think you deserve to be in heaven?”
Obama smiled and replied, “I think you’re in my seat.”

I met a guy once that said, "Nothing ends the debate quite like seeing one."

Sorry, that was probably my giant birthday balloon that got away..

Mulatto but still lost.

It was probably traveling to Antarctica to rescue their fellow space cadets off the ice .

The pilot did mention that the object looked a lot like Dave Grohl's head.

Mylar balloon. Years ago I had a fighter jet cross a little above and perpendicular. I was a the pilot of a C150 don't know if he saw me or not I was at 5000 feet, At those speeds seeing something close like that is more of a memory rather than actually seeing. So I'm thinking mylar birthday balloon.

hurricane machine. he hates black people.

gtfo of here!!

that kind of common sense won't be tolerated.

A mylar balloon with...warp drive and photon torpedoes!!! Yeah!


they're supposed to report them. NOT reporting it could end his career.

Maybe is was a demon.............

Obama needs to issue an executive order or something.

If it saves one life, it's worth it!

Back to Hell? So you know where he was born then.

This was flatus passed by an overeater... but it wasn't his fault because a spoon retailer stopped by six times per day and forced him to eat huge meals at gunpoint.

For the children!!!!

Na....He's in DC now.

Meanwhile just north of Birkshire, Chuck Norris was spotted on the side of the road. He appeared to be frustrated while changing the tire on his Airstream trailer.

i love how even the UK is bashing obama on an article that has nothing to do with the guy. He is an alien planted here to destroy the world from within. hell who needs aliens

I fly and that simply isn't true!

I have developed a metal can that runs on liquefied leftist nutcases. I think it will be all the rage in 2015. It.s not destructive, its productive, Avoids using dinosaur fuel while cleansing the earth of a terrible nuisance.

to purchase a little temporary Safety?

i fly and it simply is true.


You only have to report an incursion event - breaking separation minimums with other aircraft.

Man, you're good. I like it.

Bush's Baked Beans? They arent that big.....Right shape though....


Swamp gas. Hahaha.


It was a drone....

There are thousands of declassified government documents to read on this subject. Google "The Black Vault" and you'll see a ton of them

Typical Pilot flying high

If only Obama would do the honorable thing and resign, we would n't have to tell jokes about the very real harm he causes. But Obama is not as good a man as Nixon, who had the guts to quit

When they do land the Democrats will sign them up for Welfare and make them fill out a voter registration card.

cite the one that says he's supposed to keep his mouth shut.

Leslie believes everything she reads on the internet.

Poor Morrison, he believes everything he is told to believe.

Unfortunately its true.

Gee, one UFO turns all the RWNJs loose!

"....A pilot on the A320 Airbus reported the near miss to air traffic controllers..."
Isn't a "near miss" actually a collision?

But that would have been done in restricted airspace and I think a NOTAM would have been issued to stay out of the area/route.


NO, it was over England.......It was the ghost of Princess Di.

Glad someone does. They killed off the woman that found the falsified Hawaiian birth certificate.

If you want to see real nut jobs--including hypocritical racists, mysoganists and homophones--just try watching a few mins of MSNBC. lol

And all of the comforts of modern living and the increase of life expectancy trace back to the combination of capitalism and CHEAP energy which fueled the industrial revolution.

Yes, by scott you've got it! lets adhere to political beliefs coined in the 1789s because that is how we advance! Lets keep labeling each other and picking apart our differences cause that's what matters!

Yeah, who started that backwards phrase? It should of been "nearly hit".

The truth is we will know the real answer when we as a human race will be smarter then politics, race, religion, and differences, we probably are a ant farm to some other species, thinking we know all the answers, when in fact we live in a really small world.

We are just here to upset you. If things like jokes bother you, maybe you should wrap yourself in bubblewrap for protection and be sure to never to leave your home/rock.

Could have been an illegal alien drone...

And a white women mandingo as proven recently in So. Africa & the white women who largely voted for him during the last two elections.

HEy, stop stealing my ideas.
I always say, if you can;t convert em, chop them up in little pieces and feed them to the chickens.

Ha ha! Good response. I've had two sightings in my life. One while rowing across a lake in Western Massachusetts and another in New Hampshire. When it does happen it does leave you a little speechless with a "Oh my God" response because you know what you just saw cannot be explained away!

" ...when in fact we live in a really small world."

Cuing up tinyurl(dot)com(slash)ntf89fh in 3..2..1..

I have developed a flying metal can that runs on liquefied leftist nutcases. I think it will be all the rage in 2015. It.s not destructive, its productive, Avoids using dinosaur fuel while cleansing the earth of a terrible nuisance.


Most people can't bare a few minutes of MSNBC.

NOT SPAM!!! It's a video of Disney WOrld "It's a small world"

Thanks a pantload jacka$$


I, for one, welcome our new alien overlords.

Leslie, you gotta be joking. Now, where did you read this news item about Obama funding a study regarding time travel? The Onion or the Daily Currant?

Whoever kicked that ball is one hell of a player.

No - "near" describes the degree by which a collision was missed.

MSNBC is Just nut jobs talking to each other. Kinda like watching the morbidly psychotic talk to themselves.

That's a long way off from Area 51.

Wasn't that a near hit?

It's just God, checking in on the only civilization in the universe

umm...homophones or homophobes...?


Another jacka$$

Just because he has a Klingon first name doesn't necessarily mean he's an alien...

As Spock would say..... What a crazy Vulcan situation

I prefer shaved Asian porno

It was a rugby ball.

somehow it's tied in with Global Warming.

Jacka$$ and Disney in the same reply. Childish and childlike at the same time. Someone's conflicted this a.m. aren't they.

It's just God, checking in on the one and only civilization in the universe

These "objects" are not our friends.

It's a ... DONKEY! Who is conflicted here?

Maybe there really is life on the moon after all. Possibly on the dark side of the moon. This needs to be investigated.

It is only getting worse as we "progress" because we elect dumbbells who cause our world to "regress!" We would learn a lot from them if they would get through to our fogged minds.

Yea, after following the WWII pilots, we settled down and formed a rock band!

its an advanced drone. Next question!

Or as Homer would say homomaphone

Yes and with dipsticks like you that think if someone other than Oblabla was the POTUS-puppet, things would be dramatically different.

. .... Obama's NSA probes are everywhere.

Why no mention of the co pilot? Let me take a guess, one or the other was a coed. The plane takes a sharp dive because the throttle is hit (by a bum?) and the plane is driven down unexpectedly which of course needs to be explained. No other explanation is feasible so they roll with the improvable.....

whole lotta people have been "disappeared"

Speaking of "time"...Does anyone on this board realize UFOs have been with us since, at least, the cave man era? Depictions of UFOs have been found in cave drawings and paintings... Egyptian burial tombs and carvings show proof of UFOs. A painting of Cleopatra shows a flying object in the back ground. One of the Sistine Chapel paintings shows an object flying in the sky.
During a beautiful sunny morning in 1941 I told my mother I had seen an airplane flying and it didn't have any wings and propellers. Needless to say she laughed at my "imagination". Over the years, I've come to realize I had seen my first UFO in 1941.

No. Back to Kenya
Get $oro$ on da phone Susan

Matthew 24:24

For false messiahs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect

As an informed christian, I have to warn you guys. This whole UFO thing is a contrivance by world governments.

Google: "Vatican openly prepares for Alien Visitor"

This whole thing is Satan's agenda for a False Messiah return.

It is going to fool people like Stephen Hawking and his millions of blind and ignorant followers, as well as some christians.

I wish it was aliens and they wiped us out. Humanity has become a disease.

Maybe the pilot was smoking crack?

Yes, when Obama, the talking-toucan shows up drivin' the cattle car, you know it's about over...

Perhaps it isn't UFO ,but drone

They are here to help us end war and all hatred. They will teach us tolerance and diversity. They are our teachers from the stars. And when they have lifted us to a new cosmic level...They will eat us.


Interdimentional travel, Brian and Stewie do it all the time.

Optical distortion of a lit horizon at night, (bright city in the distance) by swamp gas is a true phenomenon. It creates a refractive index with normal air causing the appearance of light as being below the perceived horizon, a mirage of sorts.

Did he think ducking his head would help?

Yes, Leslie is correct. Obuma did indeed fund a research for time travelers. That research has been going on for decades.. Obuma only continued the funding!
It's truly amazing the ignorance being shown on this board... Like a kid walking past a graveyard at midnight...whistling!!

maybe the aliens are hot chicks, who need to repopulate their world and need a bunch of earth dudes to get the job done?

The Kenyan Cracker? Don't be dissin POTUS now ... or you'll end up disappearing like the rest. He is a bada$$ brother

All those thinkers are people in America..... we were all sent here from Drudge Report.

So, if you want to claim America is your mother country, by all means, go ahead :)

Don't use the flashy thingy on me! I didn't see anything!

Sort of like the Vince Foster murder and cover ups by the countless piled up bodies from the Clintons.

Remember when Obama said this "I'm really good at killing, ya know?"

That would be ideal.

It was Obama in a drone..... he did say quote "I'm really good at killing people"

Apparently you like urinating on tin foil hats. LOL Your suggestion is much less fun than speculating on little green men, but much more plausible.

And then eat bars, Subarus and guitars.

lol You can certainly tell when an article was on Drudge.

An article published in a UK paper, about a UFO over Briton, and people still talking about how bad this US President is..

Progressives that is what should worry you...

no matter the subject, your dear leaders incompetence is the head line..

This article was on Drudge Report. Whenever that happens, the comments will be flooded with anti-Obama takes whether they're relevant or not.

LSD is a helluva drug

Yes. Easy jab at one who deserves it.

It was positively identified as an unidentified flying object.

Dashcams on all planes!

I, too, have seen these metallic flying orbs. Some even say "Happy Birthday" on the side.

It's just Obama's newest high tech airplane to get him to and from the golf course.

Cameras in the cockpit! Make the demand NOW!

Please. Get your mind out of the gutter. Everyone knows an advanced race from a far distance planet is preparing to take control of all of humanity and will enlighten the world...then demand anal sex from everyone of us.

A balloon that can close on a jet aircraft with an airspeed of probably 500 mph ? That is one awesome balloon ! So awesome in fact that the balloon must be of an extraterrestrial/super advanced technology.

Idiot. Of course it would be different. Get your head out and pay attention.

lmfao good one, I love it.


A different puppet show, you mean?
How do you think so?

Someone has a good throwing arm.

To you and everyone who shares your opinion, why don't you start with yourself? Because secretly, you feel like YOU should live while others (presumably chosen by you) should not. Man up, and walk the walk!

we need Edward Snowden, more than ever.
cover up, cover up. cover up

Maybe it was a new model of drone

When I hear "Swamp gas" in an article on UFO's all I think is Will Smith about to use a "flashy thing" on a bunch of witnesses to a laser gunfight with an alien cockroach in the streets on New York. Right after he tells them exactly what you told me about swamp gas... Mind you the flashy thing erases recent memories and allows the user to give a story verbally that the witness will only remember. All in reference to the movie Men In Black. In case you haven't seen it its quite funny.

You are. Happy new year

An Alien vessel undoubtedly makes use of an anti-gravity technology for "propulsion". I use quotation marks because it's not actually propulsion as we use the term. Rather it neutralizes the gravitational field and the Earth moves relative to the Alien ship. You do realize that the Earth moves in orbit around the Sun at 17,000 mph ? If you could neutralize gravity, your ship would head off at a predictable tangent to the orbital. Then rapidly switching the gravity field on and off in a precise manner, you could travel around the planet at very high speeds.

It's a weather ballon...

omg you people are stupid. the article didn't say "close on a jet".

here, i'll dumb it down for you.

i was going 80mph on the highway and a deer hit my passenger door. are you saying the deer must have been running 80mph?

Most indeed.

No! it was more like California's Wicked Brujas Team. Diane Finestein, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, and Barbara Boxer... Nancy was at the helm flying that pig to the U.S.!

Do you realize we now have a ship that Radar can not detect? Do any of you realize a UFO flew along side our rocket headed to the moon.. which was reported, LIVE, to Houston by the guys in our ship? They also reported the UFO accelerated PAST our space ship. Do any of you mockers realize commercial airliners have reported being tracked by UFOs.. and were tracked by radar from the towers?
Are you mockers really so ignorant or, are you just too afraid, to admit to yourselves, there are UFOs up there... 24-7!!

For anyone interested in reading about the bizarre ideologies that motivate the American tea party, refer to the comment section below. Since this story was linked by drudge this morning, it is guaranteed that within moments this forum will contain the ramblings of so many disenchanted Americans who are convinced that all other groups are seeking an overthrow of American society.

It's only filled with Hot Air! Like our Government and President!

Obama is doing a great job. We love him here.

No photographs = it didn't happen.

clearly the only alternative to not talking about Obama on a story regarding civil aviation is to wonder why non-democrats aren't "fair game for barbs"

Forget your medication this morning?

Maybe it was a Rugby football... one thrown by Chuck Norris.

Or... more likely an Irish flight crew, who'd closed the bar the night before!

Seems that you confirm you own comment.

How could anyone blame the tea party for racism??

Let's start with the most committed: YOU!

I'm sure you do. And we're all very pleased for you. They do wonderful work there at rest home. Now you just concentrate on getting better.

Thank you for pointing this out on a story concerning civil aviation. I can't imagine why the tea party sentiment isn't doing better outside of the unproductive south and unproductive rural areas.

Uncle Rico is playing rugby now. "I can throw that ball clear over that jet".

I notice you like to steal a bunch of peoples comments and warp them into your own comments. To be honest your attemps at making them funnier is just terrible. If you're unable to come up with a witty comment, don't say anything... because this pile of nonsense you twisted together is apparently not your calling.

Any good tea party person understands that all problems must be blamed on Obama regardless of whether or not those problems existed in every other administration modern times. Obama is blacker and therefore more guilty for the same infraction, it works in society just like in his case.

When are you bleeping bloaks going to going to release Obama's real Kenyan Colonial birth certificate?
Oh, that's right ! Hillary came over looking for it,
found it, and snuck it out of there in her thong.

Don't worry, it's only Marvin the Martian looking for his illudium Q-36 explosive space modulator!

By the "Department of Redundancy Department"!

Actually, it would be more general. At each point x,y,z,t in spacetime, define a net gravitational vector. The difference between it and the vector to a desired destination would yield the necessary direction and magnitudes of the switching components.

Hey Professor. Doesn't the pilot state he saw the object out the left hand side of the plane ? Not in front. Some people shouldn't over estimate their own cleverness. Especially then presuming to lecture others.It really makes you look like an uber-dufus.

It WAS a Rugby football thrown by Chuck Norris!!

Oh, yes. Undoubtedly. Uh huh.

I'm an Aero engineer and that is a normal speed range at that altitude for a commercial airliner.
In order for an object to remain visible (side window) in this instance it would appear to be perpendicular to the aircrafts flight path. However, looking down from above the object would be traveling at an angle toward the cockpit side window, and it would have to be traveling faster than the aircraft to remain visible... why.... because the velocity component that is parallel to the aircrafts flight path would have to be equal to the aircrafts speed to keep it visible...please note the object has two velocity components here. One is parallel to the aircrafts flight path and the other is toward the aircraft (perpendicular).

Unless their leader looks like Harry Reid or Whoopie Goldberg.

The acceleration would stink at less than a thousandth of a G.

This is what happens when Chuck Norris plays rugby. That rugby ball is probably past mars by now!

Yoda it was.

Chuck Norris!

Best comment on here!

It's spelled GAMER you primate!

You are why people hate Americans.

Did any passengers see it? Was it seen on radar?

And we all know how that worked out for him.

3 breasted!

when i tell the story i say i saw the deer to my right.

i guess you really do believe that means the deer had to be running 80mph.

wow you're dense.

And of course with all the cameras and satellite technology we didn't capture a clear photo of it.

Yeah, Bush effed-up our healthcare. Bush added 9-trillion dollars to the debt, and he also refused to enforce immigration laws. Oh, did we mention that Bush used the IRS to punish his enemies? Also, wasn't it Bush's leader of the DNC who proudly proclaimed, "We own this economy!"

Any other president would've been impeached by now.

nothing in your post discounts the possibility of a balloon.

Yep.. he's a friggen UFO alright... Unidentified-F--k--g-Oaf.

I'm glad there are some people who understand what you just said. It gives me hope that there are still some highly intelligent people on the planet. But frankly and sorry to say......I am not one of them.


I bet he did. He sounds just like the kind of nut he claims everyone else to be.

I don't know which is scarier, corrupt governments having this technology, or other worldly beings having it.

I noticed that my witty comments had the intended effect and that you talk way too much. That makes you a prime candidate for use as fuel...
And I can use bigger words than you can...nananaananHHHHHHHH

Absolutely priceless.

Video or it didn;t happen

You realize that would include you too dimwit.

We know we can;t trust them, yet other worlds have never harmed us.

Weather balloons are known to occupy that region, And amateur radio operators launch such metallic weather balloons carrying boxes underneath with cameras, sensors, and transmitters all the time. Atmospheric pressures and winds could easily distort a round balloon into a "cigar" shape. Case solved. These are called "Near Earth Spacecraft, as they actually do reach the edges of the atmosphere, and are recovered when they drift back to earth.

Not without wings...Next

Klaatu Barada Nikto!

"Near Earth Spacecraft" ARE weather balloons launched by amateur radio operators that DO easily reach such heights and much higher. The typically carry styrofoam boxes with cameras and transmitters that are jettisoned and fall back to earth, leaving the balloon drifting to be seen by pilots and make headlines on websites.

This IS SERIOUS business----So what if you can't identify the aircraft/object. It is foolish and irresponsible to ignore an obvious danger to air traffic, just because SOMEBODY thinks it might be an "EXTRATERRESTIAL SPACESHIP".
So it really isn't likely a "spaceship", BUT SOMETHING was out there and it could cost hundreds of lives if an aircraft ran into it. To ignore it is beyond crazy.

Well played sir, well played.

Gort Liked this comment.

Not in the sense that you meant. You didn't mean "Federal Government Balloons" .... filled with a special mix of gases. You meant, normal birthday balloons. So don't sacrifice honesty on the altar of winning the argument.

Yeah sure... right... anything you say.... we'll all walk around wide eyed talking in a monotone.... brilliant.

This is not the droid you are looking for.

Sighting something like this does NOT explain exactly what it is, and I would think they are usually weather balloons drifting about.

No... but his fat butted carrot eating tree climbing...Hoover lipped shaved ape of a wife is.

you don;t know if it has advanced stabilization. Next!

I am inclined to agree, endless wars, democide & genocide are their reasons for expansive central power which operates under the flimsy excuse of security.

satellite debris?

........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')
..........''...\.......... _.·´

Of course I do, you fcking a$$hole!

Yes I do...I'm an Aerospace Engineer...next

*sigh*. No the deer doesn't travel 80 mph. the UFO MAY NOT (but could have, in fact could've been going even faster. not enough info) have traveling at 500 mph. However the way the pilot described the incident it must have moving at at least a significant percentage of the planes velocity. Geez I was solving simple velocity vectors and all that before I had pubes. An airline pilot certainly is very experiences with how objects look when traveling at different angles and speeds in relation to one another. I mean come on !

Danger Will Robinson, Doctor Smith is a Homo!

... and the large cigar shaped object that landed on my barn and melted the steel but didn't burn the hay? That was a weather balloon???

I said the words! (Mostly)

IMPEACHMENT IS IN ORDER...way past time......get busy Congress!

Could have been, but also might have been a dirigible-they were in use for patrol and anti-submarine duty. Just a possibility. I have seen UFOs also, so not trying to discount your sighting.

These definitely are not even remotely close to resembling the droids we are looking for, no Siree Bob.

At 34,000 ft at Mach 0.8 or so.... it would be visible for 1/10,000 of a second

Not without wings

It was another NSA drone.


Hey, now are you sure that the Federation has cleared that information? I mean, you can bet the Romulans will read this.

Just a drone (new model) no story here, its all undercontrol so please move on....hhheheheheheh

Wow! I feel such strong "nerd" shame right now! LOL!

Tea Party Patriots rule in 2014 !!!!!

Gee....wonder if they will ever come to take all democrats back to hell where they belong.

Yea...lol when the ET's see how stupid the masses are to vote in the
Social Defunct Marxist way of gov't .... they say NO INTELLIGENCE
EVIDENT HERE ON EARTH...let's move on!

Where is 'here' .... 'the vomitorium' or the nut house?

Its the Tea Party Patriots new election campaign headquarters. Coming soon to a senate race near you. Tea Party rules in 2014

It was a Blodger!

He is on Medicaid....his meds are on backorder until 2015....quick get the straightjacket!

I know, it's awful.

the feeling is more than mutual

If your genocide is endless and doesn't work, the you are not doing it properly

Don't feel bad, he is making this all up.

Comforts I'll give you, but I believe the life expectancy increase more closely reflected an increase in medical research helping to combat typhus, whooping cough, malaria, smallpox, tetanus, rubella, polio, cholera, etc.

It was Michelle Obamas curling iron.

wow, I'm impressed. Does a bullet have wings? (the UFO could be rotating about its axis) NEXT

That was just an errant pass from Tony Romo.

Ah, Drudge. UFO stories and 9/11 conspiracy websites. LOL

The ones the astronauts saw were even higher and faster.

yea, the crew was on Xanax meds....that blimp just cruised on by seemingly quick!

Yes as an aero space engineer I realize all of that... but what you don't realize is that there is no surface that is metallic that does not reflect radar. The vehicles you mention have coatings and composite materials with absorbent materials mixed in. And I didn't say anything about their existence... I in fact believe they exist.
The so called "Rocket" Moon thing was when the CM going into Lunar orbit and it was a Soviet Satellite whose initial launch was kept secret.


being thrown at Barack...though he Ducked!

Quack quack...

Intended effect of what? Oh yeah.... the "I'm Nick look at me! look at me!" Effect.

Squeeze me.

Maybe it was one of Obama's 400 missing MANPAD launchers from Benghazi.

Eww gross.

Why too fast to read the message on the side.I wonder if something traveling at 500 miles and hour would be lifted over the planes windshield along with the air or if the inertia would make it contact the plane. I am too far away from college physics to even have a clue.

any good left wing person understands that all problems must be blamed on Republicans, ....etc. etc., etal...change the record you simian

Are you a Replicant...from Dulce Mountain!? Take me to your leader!

If obozo had a rugby ball...

Yoda's sister Magmutt is married to Obama... Obama left her in Hawaii... but I bet she flew her supersonic Ebony Cadillac broom to London and that.s what they saw.

nah, no one can see me, its the pis$ off a leftist effect. Well done Nick!!

It's probably NSA using one of the drones to spy on some one.

you're saying "special mix of gases" but what they used was just helium.

if you bothered to google it and read you would have known that, but you'd rather make up what you want your truth to be so people might think you're right.

in other words, you lied and got caught.


Lol. @ Joekidd

he tells the story exactly like i tell my story... i saw a deer off to the right, it approached my car, i thought it was going to hit my passenger door (only difference is it actually did hit me).

there's no need for the balloon to be traveling "at least a significant percentage of the planes velocity".

i started engineering and took 3 years of physics before ended up with a degree in math. i've solved plenty of velocity/vector problems. you're making assumptions about the pilot without evidence to support it.

So none of the passengers saw it? Seems unlikely.


There are a lot of slobbering bottom-feeders from Drudge here

ACORN, if you think about an acorn looks somewhat like the Kecksberg, PA, 1965, UFO! Beside they no doubt already speak the same language.
Now, take me to your leader...
Rich in New Mexico.

Obama is half white. Yes, 1/2. Why is he only black?

NIMROD..... "Federal Government balloons" do have a special gas mix, and they also more importantly are heavy high pressure Mylar, not cheap thin mylar for birthday balloons. Birthday balloons pop at around 15k ft. You're just to dense to understand that, I guess.

moron, i said google "Test of Toy Balloons Performed For Federal Department of Aviation".

they used regular off-the-shelf balloons filled with helium and showed they can go up to 10,000 meters.


What I don't understand is why continuously recorded video from say a dozen cameras pointed in all directions is not standard practice on commercial flights. The cost would be utterly negligible.

Obama is not responsible for anything, he really and truly is not.
Any man who votes "Present" must have had an orchiectomy, or maybe he just never had the ovoid shaped body parts.

He cant even do that right!

Really? What's wrong? Opposing views and ideals scare you? Where's your tolerance? Your objectivity?

Not upstanding and articulate like you?

Two for flinching...

except for those of us who get it.

The web sites love it. It's good for traffic/business.

The NSA has a new drone for tracking passengers inflight ?

If it s not Drudge ..it's the NSA ...
It s always something ...aint it ?

Bottom feeders can't slobber because they are already under water. This - a Typical analytical assessment of the obama bozo socialist narcissistic sociopaths . . .but hey - we still put up with you to continue to illustrate the audacity of your der leader.

That is so sadly true.

Although it's always easy and funny to take jabs at current and former presidents, we all have to remember that they are just puppets in this game, world monopoly.

The left, the party of love................love to hate.

Black Magic, crawl back under the rock you came from and just shut up! It is NOT an racial issue, it is flat out incompetence in the office of the Presidency. Open your eye's man.

Do not fear.
We are just here to breed with your women, once we mute them.

MORON...I read 5 articles before I responded, you should do more reading. This isn't the first time you and I've argued, so I know you to be a complete idiot, so I'm quite sure it's beyond your capabilities.

Hell is a myth, sporto.

You got a down vote for that?? Too funny....

A few things... Leading causes of death in 1800 were indeed things like tuberculosis dysentery cholera malaria typhus, pneumonia, etc. Few people got old enough to die of heart disease or cancer back then. Some of those like pneumonia and dysentery were reduced by more modern living conditions like central heat and clean water.

But also, if the industrial revolution had not happened then the research you mentioned would have taken a lot longer and maybe some would still not have happened. You need modern facilities and tools for modern research such as electric lighting, refrigeration, running water, electric motors, cheaper manufactured things like microscopes thermometers and other lab equipment - stuff that made doing the research a lot cheaper and in some cases possible at all.

Then there are modern hospitals with things like air conditioning/handling or elevators and, minor things like houses with mass produced window screens to keep out mosquitoes and flies.

It all added up..

yes, don't be a "hater."

Quit it with the verbal diarrhea.

maybe your god can do magic & save us from your stupidity

Great sarcasm! (I hope)

in other words you are too stupid to google "Test of Toy Balloons Performed For Federal Department of Aviation"?

they tested toy balloons using helium. if you read 5 articles then you should have read 6, one of them being the one i said you should read about them testing toy balloons using helium.

and yes i'm repeating myself...that tends to help when speaking to idiots.

Wasn't our VIce Pres Biden the guy floating up in the sky on his Lounge Chair a few years ago? He switched airships!

I never wrote there was that requirement either! I only replied to YOUR REMARK which was: "they're supposed to report them. NOT reporting it could end his career...."

I read your article... I read 4 more, as I like to be correct. 4-1 my way. You should read more.

Great - then there are a lot of folks more intelligent than you!


You better hope it is....

Well Mudra, pick a topic and I'll be happy to defeat you in a facts based debate. How about an athletic endeavor? Ill beat you there as well. Let's compare educations. I'm confident mine is superior. Hell, lets compare wives, or kids. Ill come out on top in all areas. So if you are below us Drudge bottom feeders, what does that make you?

The UFO was on it's way to make crop circles. Everyone knows that if you travel thousands of light years to meet Earthlings, that crop circles are the standard of communication.

Oh boy now come the Religious Zealots into the fray!

UFO's do not exist nor does Area 51, global warming is real , the debt is over , unemployment is over and the republicans want to throw granny over the cliff...
Everything is fine just trust your government and fearless leaders....

The most informed people on the planet are Drudge readers.......... PERIOD!

Slate has an article that was written three days ago, but for some reason the moderators here wouldn't let me post it. Physics Professors Search Internet for Time Travelers, Didn't Find Any is the title. So, your assertion is completely ridiculous & yes, the government funded this "research".

I think Ovomit is an alien plant...

Understood. But, if you remember, back in those days we could clearly hear a blimp (and airplane) even before it was overhead. There was no sound from this aircraft. Also, blimps are "fat"... My "airplane" was much too slim to be a blimp, and no sound is the reason I assumed it was a wingless propeller-less airplane.
Imo, I believe far more than we know have seen UFOs but wont talk about it simply because of the ignorance shown on this board.

Maybe their trying to consider weather or not we're worth saving..Surely they must be aware of the radiation flowing into the pacific from fuki..

A drone, anyone?

Probably a mylar balloon.
Very common.
Almost as common as cigar-shaped and delta-shaped UFOs the size of an aircraft carrier.

I claim America as my Mother Country even though I was born in the CCCP. Soviet Russian by birth, USMC by Choice 21 years.

Would you put your life on the line for America?

I saw a large triangle craft myself. It was certainly a UFO as far as I'm concerned.

The guy I met (military, BTW) wasn't referring to objects in the sky.

Could be extraterrestrial gang tagging.

I have a close friend that is a retired navy pilot. He told me the pilots see UFO's all the time, in fact the UFO's will follow our aircraft, then zoom away in an instant. He said they weren't allowed to talk about it while in the service. He is a very credible guy, I believe him.

Ahhh, but an uninformed electorate is a liberal electorate. We can't have too much information accessible to all voters now, can we?

A trial lawyer?

Why are you on Drudge?

Yeah - this story was clearly about Obama.

It's funny. No matter what the subject of the article may be the subject of getting rid of Obama always comes up.....as it should.

You really don't understand what the Drudge Report is, do you? But, like a good liberal, let's not quibble over truth. Agendas are so much more... romantic.

Awesome! Let's figure out the carbon footprint of the UFO and tax the aliens! Maybe we can force them to buy Obamacare as well :)

Yes - it would be heading off a cliff at 80 miles an hour as opposed to 100.

The obvious possibility is that someone tried to shoot down the airline with a SAM. It's jellyheaded the article didn't pose that question to anyone.

Good on 'yer, Snake. American by birth, Aussie by parentage, former Marine Mom & yes, I've lived a wonderful life here in the U.S. with the best it has to offer. So would put my life on the line although I only shoot for practice & self-defense.

Ok......please feel free to blame him for his white half then. There.....feel better now?

Couple of liberals. They have a problem with facts.

it was a Quidditch ball

Excellent post!!!!

His description to me would fit a Mylar balloon that you can buy as a novelty item. They are filled with helium and Mylar is a high tensile material. Some of them are in the shape of a heart you give with the candy on valentine's day. Slow news day or to much news that is important, so we get to read about a Mylar balloon that scared a airline pilot. UFO means unidentified flying object. If I spit on you and it is not identified as spit, it is a UFO!

Getting rid of obama would be a panacea.

The allies are afraid from NSA to fly over USA, you know, not to be recorded as they communicate, so they chose England instead.

Not so! It was a space ship headed to the moon with 3 men aboard. The trip was broadcast live on TV with conversation between Houston and the ship's commander clearly heard. News reports repeated it for 2-3 days and then it was squashed!
IF I remember correctly,... that was the last time conversations between Houston and flight Commanders were broadcast live.... I repeat: IF I remember correctly!!

dude usually posts about the pop culture idiots-- now I see why

dude generally posts about the pop culture idiots-- now I see why

Yep people all over the planet are seeing balloons.

Most trial lawyers sell out I mean settle out of court.

Bravo!!!! Great comment. On target.


you say he was supposed to keep his mouth shut. please cite anyone who's been fired for reporting a UFO.

What makes you think I'm a "liberal"?

You have nothing in your vaccuous head so you resort to calling anyone who opposes obama a racist.

I think real racism is reflected by 98% of black voters casting ballots for obama.

So the aliens have perfected inter-stellar flight - and apparently sophisticated radar blocking technology - in order to fly into our atmosphere to...play chicken with passenger aircraft?


Impeachment?? Lynching is much more economical.

Watch the skys...But be careful not to strain your neck.

Black Magic cant open his eyes. He is a racist.

One can only prey that they are coming to get Obama and return him home to the supreme leader and admit it was a failed mission.

Yeah, they used to be called foo fighters.

so post their titles.

and btw, to prove balloons can fly that high all we need is one. you didn't take many math and science classes, did you?

the article i linked proved a balloon can go 10,000+ meters filled with nothing but helium.

Oh "Fly on Theshit", does thou not rememberth 'w'. You truly suck at being human.

Don't look in their eyes, they hypnotize.


mauser ... not true but since you made the claim, please list ALL OF THEM!?!

RACIST ASSHOLE = animalaura

Move on.. Nothing intelligent to see here...

he is an alien, after all.

illegal, that is.

False flag....

Time to disclose the truth. They are not hear to harm us. If they were we would all be dead already.

Let's all hope that they are here from planet Zeptoid, to pick up communists and socialists and drop them off at the freaking SUN.

you obama supporters sure get your panties in a wad don't ya. go find a sense of humor and you'll be much happier person.

Racist, much?

No, the fact we don't care what you think is the reason people hate America.

Underneath his false skin, he IS green.

So, was animalaura speaking about his Black half or his White half? Is she a "half-racist" then? You know what happens when you "assume?" And in this case, I'm not a part of it . . .

we come in peace. <<<< ZAP!!! >>>>>

Ar you familiar with the psychological term "projection?" Seek help . . .

At 34,000 feet? Not likely!lol

Lets say it this way ! Lets lynch the half white dumbo looking half whit,,, fast !

Rugby players have metal balls.

I did too, seriously. A second one came and our stunned group were able to see it was a flock of geese flying in formation. Our minds filled in the rest of the impressive illusion.

And once you're subdued, the anal probing begins...

Aliens love anal probing.

Nice propaganda, but the Tea Party was formed to challenge Republicans who behave more like big government, high spending Democrats. i.e. to put the second party in the two-party system.

Did you write the book "A Ruptured Chinaman"? Chuckle.....

The strongest evidence for there being intelligent life out there is the fact that they avoid contact with us!

Speak up and you ARE putting your life on the line..

I have a theory about liberals. Their common sense gene has been disabled. If the Lib is intelligent, some can enable this gene with education and listening to people like Mark Levin.
The others are hopelessly deficient and will never make the leap and gain common sense. People in this category include the mainstream media and most minorities who believe the fools handing out free goodies are doing them a favor. Oh contrary. Hook em with freebies and you have a group victim mentality (their leader of whom tell them they are victims) who are probably mentally deficient to begin with who believe ANYTHING you tell them.

Yeah, because you racists consider half black half white one of you right?

Yes, They do. Definitely do. Google Near Space Balloons.

The balloon was not chasing the jet plane. Jeez.

there are tens of thousands of murders in America every year,Obama is responsible for at least half. just ask the people that go on Drudge, they know the truth

Crap..now I Have to see Mars attacks again

yeah, because its the white half that you hate. NOT

Well, perhaps you should have captured or photographed the amazing object and become famous, instead of just talking about something of which you apparently have no evidence and remaining irrelevant. Why was your fascinating object not on the front page of one of those "Bill Clinton is an Alien" newspapers?

Err.I think you meant anal probing us...them..likely not so much

Not as much as cops in Arizona.

what Tyranical policies in America. Name me a few

I hate the whole man !!!! It's my right to hate anyone I want to.

But you get to see how paranoid and hateful these people really are.

If that's what you're talking about, idiot.

No. Public (government) "education" gets hold of them when they're young and trying to sort out what their lives are all about. Marxism is very appealing to the emotionally immature who don't think critically.
Lenin said: "Give me your children and in 4 years the seeds I have sown will never be uprooted."

So why didn't everyone in that plane crash die? Do you really think everyone who got on board knew they were going to crash and kept it a secret from her? Get real.

Fetch a rope! Sounds good ! But unfortunately the time for revolt as dictated by our founding fathers was back during prohibition and FDRs new deal. Now we gotta deal with a military and federal police filled with people with no loyalty to our country.

In order to keep politically correct, I will make these statements. Seeing how he is half white and half black, I can say this. Obama is the best black president in history. Seeing how he is half white, I can also say this without being thought of as racist.

He is the worst of the worst white presidents in all of history. Now that is saying something when you had the likes of Carter, Wilson, Nixon, W Bush & Clinton to compare to.

I always duck aliens. Don't believe me, just google it

Agreed..........nine people aboard plane that crashed and she was the only one to die???...something smells

A whole lot of people really liked bath house Barry when he was a regular at the Man's Country bath house in Chicago.

They also liked him when he was known as Harrison J Bounell, his alias when he was selling cocaine in college.

His body man, sodomite Reggie Love, really likes Barry Obama. So much so that he spends all his time with him. Isn't that cute?

You may hate him. There are those that absolutely love Barry.

Drudge? Just google it for the truth

the blak half is the problem

I'm pretty sure he's not referring to the deluge of Obama-obsessed Drudge readers as "thinkers."

Who the heck is ~we~?

I thought the Brits stopped investigating UFO's?

At high velocities, you still don't have a good frame of reference. If you look back at eventually identified UFOs, the witnesses, even highly trained pilots, had gross errors in their estimates.

Drudge is an aggregate news site! It simply links to news being reported by OTHERS and therefore provides a better overview outside of the usual agenda driven sources.

Do you have difficulty processing MORE information? You're either a partisan hack or a very ignorant person...

I hated Peanut Head, Slick Willy and the father and son Traitors as much as I hate Obummer. Does that make me racist against whites?

Why? White people have been lynched. maybe you're the RACIST?

Seen out the left side cockpit window moving towards the plane. Not likely a balloon More likely the pilot hallucinated.

I love to hate him.

I also didn't understand how liberals and conservatives could believe opposite truths until I read a Sci Am article on "The Political Brain"
You believe Levin without question, they believe Obama without question. Same brain functions in both cases.

Actually, no it wouldn't. Call me jaded or crazy or whatever, but " We the People" no longer run this country... It's what those geeky farts from Anonymous have been trying to tell us for a year or so. Not to sure I agree with their tactics, but you have to admire that they are at least trying and not bickering at one another in the comment section of a news blog.

"The Ministry of Defence closed its UFO desk in December 2009, after which the Civil Aviation Authority decided to look into such reports from aircrew and air traffic controllers"

...that are so light they float in air.

The "takers" also believe they're "owed", that fate somehow dealt them a losing hand. And, yes, they believe the part about being "victims", but not of their own doing. That's the erroneous part; in the majority of cases, the "losers" had the same chance to make something of their lives as anyone else. But they gladly accept the largesse offered, thinking they're entitled, and also that by doing so, it somehow evens the score.

And voting "3rd party" candidates always allows the liberal to take power.

REAL "outside the box" there.

This happened 6 months ago and I would have many questions about the incident. The investigation seems to have come up empty. I have to question this and try to be logical about it. NFO's may be true but why did they not attempt contact with the airliner? They had a perfect chance to make a real contact and there is no indication they tried to contact in anyway. This might be a farce but we must give the benefit of the doubt. I think we all should have our own opinion of the matter.

In Obama's mind, everything is about him.

Cigar shaped? Does Bill Clinton have a new personal jet?

So, a rugby-ball looking UFO makes a pilot "duck" at 35000 feet over London, and these snappa-heads are talking up Obama's chronic failures?
Lets stick to the subject gents.

Your ignorant Drudge disdain.

Let's say aliens are real and they come here to transport all of our water to their home planet. Should we give them drivers licenses and invite them in?

How is that any different from what's happening with illegal breakers-and-enterers who come here looking for the things they want and need?

Yeah, we remember. We had jobs and 9-Trillion more dollars

Why are you attacking him for wanting to lynch a white guy?

Aliens? More like experimental aircraft.

Obama is black? I never would have voted for him if I knew that.

Or mylar balloons.

The plane just came from Colorado;) Check that man for LSD.

It was a Quaffle from the game of Quidditch


Don't be so hard on yourself. I would not say a lot. Probably just you and one or two more.

The rest of us appreciate Drudge's LINKS. Which makes us highly informed.

Funny, The Presidente is more intelligent than W and Ronnie together!

Why is it that when a none Republican is in power more sounds of secession appear.

What goes around comes around. Most people were happy to live their lives privately and peacefully, and then the federal government decided it needed to drag politics into non-political private lives.

Can hardly blame people for dragging politics into non-political matters.

Now THAT'S FUNNY! Obama is SO out of his element!

why is every comment laughing at this event. Obama is quite laughable i admit, but these UFO stories are just dismissed so easily now. We better hope we r right in laughing them off.

What in the world do the remarks below have to do w a near miss between a British airliner getting ready to land at a British airport?? Can you people please stay on topic.

What makes you think I'm a "liberal"? Can't I dislike the Drudge Report and still be a conservative?

You mean Jarrett ?

The GOP, stuck on stupid.

He is not worth the rope...

Actually, I don't believe Levin without question. I don't always agree with him. I do believe in our constitution. I also believe we are not doing anyone a favor by giving them handouts. Temporary help, yes. But not a permanent lifestyle.

What does any of this have to do with a UFO over Britain? You people are sick.

Dear Kun Tewk:

I am pretty sure when it is turned off the direction would be predictable, unalterable, and at a rate of 9.8 m/s2.

Best regards...

I. Newton

That would be p#nis-shaped.

Probably one of the 300 or more stinger missiles that USA's CIA gave to Al Queda in Lybia

Ok AceMo! Giving guns to Drug Cartel in Mexico, Doing Nothing for the 4 Americans in Libya and watch them die! Gov't spending IRRESPOSIBLY twice as much than this country yields....so by bancrupting this country...He cant even balance a silly budget....and you say what???? IGNORANCE REIGNS....

If a goose can take down US Airways Flight 1549, a drone operated by terrorists the size of a football can too.


This sounds like the driving of the Greys'. They're behavior is very mischievous.

Cigar or Rugby Ball... hope they tested the pilot's eye sight and blood alcohol content...

Drone aircraft I'd guess. Remember, we only get to publicly see some of the drones. The really nifty stuff is quite a secret.

Moving perpendicularly at 600mph-- happens all the time. What color is the sun on your homeworld?

Yes it was.

And crooked at that. See Paula jones' deposition testimony. Swerved left of course.

Probably an Amazon drone.

Exactly what was the cause of death?

Only to eliminate our currant "government".

Did you read the autopsy report to determine the actual cause of death?

No doubt, a group of intoxicated, teenage "Greys" on a joy ride.

Yes. When the anti-Grav is turned on (zero gravity) the ship would then head off at a tangent to the orbital path of the Earth around the Sun. So by precisely turn the field on and off, and through the use of a gravitational lens of some sort (so gravity would be felt at different strengths at different parts of the ship), a pilot could both steer and vary velocity around the planet.

An Obama drone!

Greys don't wipe the shit from your brat's ass or change their diapers, or trim your hedges, or clean your toilets or pick your crops, change your hotel bedsheets or work in your sweatshops. Though, you may wind up doing all that for the Greys.

Obama is pure red.

We call them liberals

Remember what Hawkins said from his wheelchair ? If you look for life elsewehere is will be more advanced than ours and to leave em alone.

More like gomer!

Fosters beer does wonders.

Because they tend to not be communists.

Whatever it was seems to have buzzed the airliner for fun - or just to show it can.

Maybe we'll get lucky and he'll lynch himself.

The deer is moving relative to the car. However a balloon couldn't be moving laterally relative to a plane. If the balloon were in a "jet stream", the plane would be in the same jet stream therefore there would be no difference in lateral velocity. If the pilot say the UFO to the left, there's no way a balloon could get in front of a jet (or buzz the cockpit). Draw the vectors out on paper. You're not visualizing it right. The UFO had to be moving(powered) relative to the air around it and moving fast.

We don't know any such thing. My guess is they are here to watch us. If we gain the ability to threaten them, they might wipe us out. Otherwise, we are just an object for study and fun.

We don't know they are from other star systems either. Parallel universes can be an awful lot closer.

No you didn't the government will tell you what you really saw. It was most likely swamp gas.

You don't know they are of inter-stellar origin. A parallel universe could be mere nanometers or microseconds away in an extra dimension.

Why don't these mega million dollar aircraft have forward aft port and starboard cameras videotaping exterior activity during flight then recording it to it's own black box?

We're talking about something that happened over London, England...not the USA.

This happend about 5 months ago. And it doesn't reveal the name of the Airline. Cover-up?

Sounds like Bigfoot's volleyball serve.

So give them all our water, they need that water like our current breakers-and-enterers need our jobs.

Got it.

You wanna wipe some kid's ass or climb up a 30 foot tree to trim the branches for 6 bucks an hour. Be my guest.

Really is the Airbus open canopy or something? This pilot ducked when it flew by? I call BS....

ducked the plane...dipped in altitude

Fantastic idea! On the top and bottom of the fuselage, under a small acrylic dome, an up a down and forward, rearward, left and right from both vantage points, would capture everything! Cameras are cheap and it could be recorded wirelessly to a digital recording device. Nothing would get by that setup. The only reason they don't do it already is because they do not want us knowing what is out there. It would be a great tool to investigate air collisions and runway collisions and near collisions. It's OK, we know what's out there without the pics...

Easy to tell when an article devoid of politics has political comments it is being linked from Drudge...... Wingnuts can think of nothing else.

Why do we have to pay for AF1 to bring mooch back to DC, when she could catch a ride on one of Farakhan's alien space ships for free?

Caution ahead..... article is now being linked from Drudge, look out for oncoming non related political rants about Obama.

No way.

The pilot was in line at a Denver pot shop before he left, gives a new meaning to a Rocky Mountain high. lol

Pelosi took a dump!

I can see it now ! Beam me up Scotty , theirs no intelligence down here .

"Longshot" is a variable. I doubt anyone could possibly determine the odds of it, but everyone could agree that the odds are literally "astronomical".
The odds of a space traveling society, that would know of our existence, considering that our timelines would have to intersect, are very very high. Then they would have to actually be interested enough to come here. UFO's do exist... if you stick to the definition as unidentified. If you insert "alien" into it, you are more than likely simply reflecting mans ego.

Nothing to see here folks. Move along.

wind speeds at 34,000 feet can easily be over 100mph and the cruising speed is typically about 500mph.

you made the assumption that the plane and the object had to be in the jet stream, and that's not the case. there's no reason the plane coudln't be traveling perpendicular to the object vector, or even coming in at a bit of an angle so it would appear faster than 100mph.

basically, you're rigging the thought experiment to be biased toward what you want to believe.


Nothing about anyone's race was mentioned, fool. It is YOU who would appear to be the racist AND the asshole !

The same thing happened several years ago to a Houston Astros charter flight on it's way from Houston to St. Louis for game 6 of the 2005 NLCS. The object which resembled a baseball was later identified as the home run ball that Albert Pujols had hit in game 5 in Houston the night before.

Its not a math problem, its physics and Material dynamics. Mylar is NON ELASTIC and the expansion of gases at altitude causes it to rupture.

Google.. Mylar elasticity.

Ron... I was a skeptic, heavily. We aren't alone. But I don't fault you for your thinking, youre just in the box.

Understandable, and agreed. But one would have the "frame of reference" and be able to discern between a 24'' mylar balloon, and a 25 x 50' metallic craft a few feet away.

Doesn't matter, it made headlines in the USA just the same, likely just as many American readers of this article as there are Brits

The one I saw was round, disk, cigar, oblong, cube, cigar shaped. This one "football shaped" was not real.

DARPA Walrus

Who wiped YOUR ass 40 some years ago? Wasn't some breaker-&-enterer now was it?

Aircraft of this size and public utilization, ought to be equipped with a civilian version of "Gorgon Stare".... atop the rudder so that the video for that flight can be analyzed IF.... something should happen to the flight.

AND... "ONCE A MONTH".... is many more incidents than I had hitherto suspected. We know things happen, but they only get reported on slow news days, or when they are significantly eerie enough to warrant mention.

IF... this was an object of a foreign power, who took a chance with the lives of these people, then having VIDEO evidence of their risky behavior, and perhaps revealing their identity, would be dissuading enough to keep them from doing it again.

IF... it was a civilian actor, then the potential fines and jail time for their being potentially revealed by video, should be sufficient to dissuade them from pulling this again.

IF... it was a Terrorist dry run, or a miss, then you have more technical data with which to work towards developing a counter-measure.

IF... it was something else..... at least we'd have more to work with instead of sitting here with our thumbs stuck in the darkness, staring at each other watery-eyed, trying to figure out what to think.....

I thought this article was about a ufo.....why the hell are we talking about Barry??

It was actually a drunk Kennedy out for a ride in their new toy .....
Antimatter supplemental speeder

Like some Gary Larsen 'Far Side' cartoon, the aliens are probably laughing their arses off, playing chicken of the skies.

I'd guess one of those silver foil "happy birthday" balloons. That's about the size and shape of a rugby ball, metalic and shiney. And to a jet approaching one at 500mph it would look like it were approaching the jet.

You're calling yourself John Wayne...that's illegal you dumbazz... that name is trademarked by the estate.

That's why Mylar only made it to about 15,000 ft while latex made it up to over 30,000.

You said you read the paper referenced, are you saying theyre wrong?

At 34000 feet? They said it was the shape of a rugby ball, not the size of a rugby ball.

It would cost millions... it all has to be approved for flight... not to mention penetrating the pressure vessel... nothing having to do with aircraft is cheap.

Oh really!

What do Clinton and this pilot have in common? A predilection for cigar shaped objects.

Shut up... don't you have some 6 year olds to arrest for pointing their finger and going bang.

Try a 100 geese, each one the size of a small turkey

At 34,000 ft its so cold that the balloon would be deflated for all intent and purposes.

He's married to a Martian... albeit a fat butted carrot eating supersonic tree climbing shaved ape... just saying. It could have been her... who knows.

Actually, under the lower atmospheric pressures and in direct sunlight, that's probably not true!

Yes, if you just use "John Wayne"... duhhh... hello McFly

I don’t know what you just said, but MSNBC is on the air. They’ll probably have someone on that doesn’t have a clue like yourself . . .

You are all some ignorant republicans. UFOs are something that can't be prevented even with Obamas help. They are making contact because humans have advanced to the point where the internet connects you anywhere you are. We are a united race now, we are the people of Earth.

Insurance companies would happily foot the entire bill considering what's at stake.

Aliens? Hell I even know where they work. McDonalds. They are streaming across our border and infiltrating our fast food industry. Just having fun with the fool defense minister from Canada. To think they have an army, navy, marine force I can not even believe that. So "aliens" are a loose term that might not particularly mean "Space Aliens".

Got a little gas, do ya'?

If the calculations are correct, then the temperature at 34,000 ft would have been less than 36°F. And that's assuming that the sun was out, there was no wind, and that there were no clouds to block the sunlight.
I changed the temperature, I was looking at the max and I switched it to the mean, I didn't notice that it had a time of 6:35pm which wouldn't have been during the heat of the day so it could be less than I have it now.

Just another inbred neocon with ugly babies and a stupid wife who is bitter.

My vote is on a drone flight launched by a renegade US government to surveil Great Britain.

Thank you Sylvia Brown


How big was it? If it was the size of a rugby ball, maybe it was a rugby ball. People are starting to send all sorts of things into the sky using weather balloons.

Because he's afraid to learn an advanced civilization might also believe in God. How embarrassing would that be? I understand his fear.

Einstein... Latex balloons aren't "silver metallic". I assumed you were bright enough to realize that and eliminate as to relevance per our argument. I was wrong about that.

Well since whites supposedly hate blacks, maybe his white half will lynch his black half. That's how liberals think.

I assume the pharmacy (chemist) was closed today?

What's going on?

Was this cigar shaped object searching for a very large blue dress?

A silver Mylar balloon. Millions are sold and released, resembling footballs and rugby balls.
Same for little RC dirigibles that float away.

Has nobody seen a balloon before?

the media just gets more and more credible every day, doesn't it?

Something needs to be done about this!

He will not leave office on his own. He will declare some sort of State of Emergency and impose himself as President for Life. Be warned.

He should have let it hit the jet and we would finally have evidence UFO's exist or just the gov't test flying a drone. In the 60's the stealth bomber was considered a UFO also.

Evidence? None? OK- I was quite sure that would be the case. Move along.

"Ghost stories"...just like the old lady who lived in the "haunted house" down the street when you were six years old...

medical marijuana ?????????????????????

So earlier when you said balloons can't get that high, now you're saying they can.

Ha ha.

You're such a loser.

Expect the Secret Service at your door any moment.

Pilot was on LSD?

Well, not everyone has their iphones handy and ready to start taking films of stuff around them. But I agree, there is probably nothing to see here. Pilot on acid?

Wow, it's a story from Britain, but still the Americans have to make it all about them. No ego there. Get over your sad, bloated selves and has-been status as a world leader. China owns you now.

Reflection...of possibly other air traffic in the area. Sorry... no aliens... yet.

At 34, 000 feet? No way!

the story has been linked to the DrudgeReport website...meaning this link will receive lots of posts by people that seem like Americans....but more stupid

Yes, he managed to fly the plane perfectly to 34,000 feet, where he had a 10 second hallucination, and then the drug wore off instantly, before the flight crew could tell. Are you really that uninformed to suggest LSD?

That makes a lot of sense because surely any alien race that has mastered space travel would REALLY be impressed by our internet!

I bet there here to check out the latest tablet computers.


I thought the First Ho was a Uranusian.

Aliens have standards. No way would they let her on their spaceships unless she paid the overweight fare.

Is he doing it for profit?

In all 57 states?

Obama is an Alien. His mission is to destroy America. He might as well be from Mars because he sure doesn't behave like he cares for humanity.

That's what you would do? Get yourself and all of your passengers killed, just to potentially prove a point. Oh - and develment of the stealth didn't begin until after 1977. But don't let all this logic get in the way, when you can spew nonsense so effortlessly.

Please...expound on that for us and explain why linking to stories written by Left, Right, Center minded journalists or publications is such a problem for you. Drudge doesn't write any of what you detest....but you don't quite know why except those are your marching orders.

You know you're wrong but don't want to admit it because of false ego. It's a true test of character to admit one is wrong. You're failing at this point. This is no longer a debate, I've "won". I'm not bragging. At this point you should admit you made a mistake and we can move on as friends.

Care to put money on that?

It's the media's fault the pilot reported seeing a UFO?

this at the same time Canada's former defense minister starts talking publicly about extra terrestrials being real..

Kind of funny how this story of a UFO morphed into a hate Obama rant, I consider him to be a bad President also but lets keep on the subject, one unidentified flying object a month? I don't know about you but, that's more interesting than a bad President!

I would say that's funny. But It's not. At all.

its just people whose lives are garbage to they need to externalize fault to obama. crybaby liberals did the same thing to bush when he was in office.

Yes, because we know they have arses...and chicken. Wtf?

aww leave him alone he's never tried LSD before and only knows what his DARE teacher told him in 6th grade

Great reply! What happened to mo123? He heard the truth and doesn't have a response!

He's a d*ck though.

I agree, I found it strange how Obama came out of nowhere to become President, go figure.

July 13th of last year???? It's a non-issue because it happened so long ago? It fricken HAPPENED! Why are there NO QUESTIONS? Just sweep it under the rug and forget about it! I don't believe the people of this damn planet.

Spoken like someone with no knowledge of physics.

You've won nothing.

Remove the false assumptions and you'll see your argument holds no water.

By leaving the dash out, you change the meaning entirely.

Well it was an American cigar shaped thing.

Verizon: Can you hear me now?
Obama: Yes we can.

Obama: You can keep your Doctor.

See how stealthy the bomber was. You weren't even aware of it. Not that's stealth.

Journey to the end of the Internet.
There is a door.
Open the door.
See the parallel Internet.

DO YOU EVEN know anything about Drudge? The links are to all types of OTHER sites, including MSNBC, CBS, ABC, etc...so what are you talking about?

It was cigar shaped. Maybe it was lit.

Of course it's incompetence, my point you missed by failing to read the post I was responding to is that attempts to blame Obama for issues that existed previously smacks of irrationality, at best. There is a difference between understanding Obama is incompetent on principle and having a knee-jerk, instinctual, partisan aversion to anything Obama.

Terrible job with the writing. So was this object the size of a rugby ball or just shaped like one and 50 feet wide?


Im pretty sure someone who pretends to not know why Obama is considered black even while being only half black is just not being honest with anyone.

It's true, why wouldn't blacks vote in larger numbers with the candidates supported by tea party folks? Newly wouldn't blacks vote for candidates who support more stop and frisk, stand your ground, repressive drug sentencing, and stay friends with folks that have a reputation for not being very friendly to blacks (see any forum linked by a drudge story for examples). Why wouldn't Mexicans and other Hispanics vote to deport people and make life so unbearable for the rest that they will want to deport themselves? Clearly racism makes these groups vote in their elf-interest, as opposed to poor southern whites who have voted solidly with the same party responsible for corporate tax breaks and offshoring jobs.


It's sad that your only option for categorizing someone who disagrees with you is to assume they are a left-wing simian. It's beyond comprehension that I could be a republican unless I'm bleating the tea party line

For the same reasons we can't consider the msnbc/huff post trolls to be thinkers, the tea party drudge folks are similar fodder for their interest groups. Neither group has much more than half-understood ideas translated from approved media sources.

Just a real good kick from the player.

Where is the cockpit video?

I saw something similar it flew a straight line 200 feet over my apartment maybe moving 80mph, middle of the night. Smooth, metallic, no lights, no noise, no welds. Looked gold colored. At first it looked like a sphere, then I thought maybe it seemed egg shaped as it flew out of sight. Coolest thing I've ever seen.

It was a Drew Brees pass. I saw it on a commercial…

I'll have what he's having!

He is a confused man as him mom lied to him as to who his daddy is as she just should of told him it was Frank Marshall Davis and she lied because she didn't want her dad to know it was his best communist friend . He and his brother Mark Davis need to get together and do a DNA test and put everything to rest as Mark said he was willing,hell they dam near look like twins.

I believe I saw the pilot and Ray Liotta sharing a bottle of '1800' Tequilla before the flight!

Here in the deserts of Arizona, we have UFO sightings literally on a weekly basis. Most of the time its shiny metallic objects and or Orange orbs..sometimes several at a time, nontheless Unidentified flying objects are becoming more and more prevalent these days and its global....

I don't believe the people of other planets!

Obama came out of Columbia U. yet no one who was there at the time can remember him at all.

maybe their showing up in relation to radiation level increases that health officials and guvments are hiding. maybe there observers to human self destruction...

Thats why his wife stay'ed behind at Oprah's mansion along with Pelosi ,Boxer,Feinnstein to discuss Michelle running for the presidency.

Thinking that helps him avoid dealing with his racism and hate by projecting those traits on others. Classic personality disorder among leftists.

Riiiight ... that's why all the talk about lynching. Not shooting. Or stabbing. Or running over with a car. Lynching!

At least pretend to have the cahones you pretend to possess when talking big and bad behind your computer.

Ok. Let me guess. This is a right-wing rag full of nasty prejudiced red neck comments.

Youtube "Ufo cockpit recordings". There are plenty of recordings documenting reasonable, sane pilots witnessing crazy, unexplained phenomena at high altitudes. Not sure I believe in Aliens, but fascinating nonetheless.

I should mention, the recordings are of pilots, often more than 1 concurrently, dialoguing with air traffic controllers about unidentified air traffic.

A holy suppository headed for the Congress.....

Shaped like a cigar, ball, or perhaps a heart, with a string-like tail and seemed to be piloted by a cuddly teddy bear.

...and less from the highly intelligent socialist Europeans now falling into decline faster than Ancient Rome...just sayin'

If you think it's just whites hating blacks, try being white and walking through a black neighborhood sometime and see first hand what racism is.

....Also, do it while singing, "I'm in the money"...

your peaceful demeanor is duly noted

Yea? You can see welds on an object 200' away moving 80 mph?

Take another toke dude.

No worries just another 0bamao cruise missile heading to it's target...

Wrong. It became known in 1977 but was developed in the 40's by Northrop. Your ignorance has been shown to the world now go back to cutting on yourself.


Funny how i can not post a link on here..

You don't have to tell me. I get the picture. I've seen it (what you've described) and it stinks. Whereas my comments above are concerned, I was playing off the fact that Barry is from white and black parents. So many lib say whites are racist. I was trying to point out that Barry's white half probably qualifies as a white racist. But you have a point too. Barry's black half is also a reverse discriminator. He's the ultimate racist. No wonder he has issues.