Boris Johnson wants water cannon for London streets

Jan 9, 2014

The mayor of London proposes to fund the controversial purchase in case of future riots

MAYOR of London Boris Johnson wants water cannon ready for use on the streets of London by this summer, according to official letters. 

Public consultations on the deployment of water cannon will begin within weeks and a formal decision is due to be made next month.

Water cannon are used in Northern Ireland but have not previously been available to police on mainland Britain. But after the riots of August 2011 – the most serious and widespread riots to hit England in decades – Met Police commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe has been calling for officers to have access to the high-pressure hoses to quell possible future outbreaks of disorder.

Following a meeting with Hogan-Howe, the mayor of London wrote to Home Secretary Theresa May earlier this week. He told May he had been convinced of the value of having water cannon available to the police for circumstances "where its absence would lead to greater disorder or the use of more extreme force". Hogan-Howe has pledged that water cannon would be "rarely used and rarely seen", the letter says.

The Home Secretary has the final say on whether or not to buy water cannon for use in mainland Britain and a previous request for the government to directly fund the controversial purchase was rejected. But Johnson has offered to make the necessary funds available as early as February following a public consultation.

Critics warn it is a step towards the militarisation of the police and could be used to stifle the democratic right to protest, says The Guardian.

Jenny Jones, a Green party London Assembly member, told the newspaper: "Allowing water cannon on the streets of London is a step in the wrong direction towards arming our police like a military force, and it goes against our great tradition of an unarmed police service."

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The logic here.

The cuts piss people off - they are unfair to the poorest.

Rather than reversing them and making the bankers pay - they choose to spend MORE money on tools to oppress the minority who are taking the full burden of the cuts (the working and unworking poor)

This is war - Boris must realise it - now we get to truly test his "survivial of the fittest" - and one look at Boris, he's not going to last 30 seconds the fat bumbling oaf.

Why the adverse reaction to water cannon?
I grew up in London in the 50s/60s and saw very little demos, those I participated in were well managed with no trashing of property or rioting.
If the modern protesters ( living on benefits?) have the right to riot and be disruptive then the authorities have the right to do what is necessary to protect the lives and property of ordinary citizens.
Life is not fair, rioting will not make it fairer!
I just want to get on with my life ( I am a divorced OAP with health problems and no family) - I make do with the little I have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Authorities are always able to find the money for Toyz for Boyz with too much testosterone & too little serotonin. Police the world over, from China& Russia to havens of plutocracy such as the US & UK act in the same way - their job is to obey orders, never mind the Nuremberg Principle.
For an, allegedly, unarmed police force, the Plod certainly seem to shoot & otherwise kill a significant number of people - just imagine what they WILL be like in the future when the entrenched inequalities become unacceptable to enough people.
Still, that's what the NI "Troubles" were about, giving Plod & the Army valuable on-job training in urban warfare, as Thatcher demonstrated during the Miners' Strike.
The Future has Arrived and it IS Interesting. Bring lotsa popcorn, this one will run & run.