Prince Harry to 'quit job' and lead UK Warrior Games project

Jan 17, 2014

The Prince wants to host Paralympics-style games for injured servicemen at London Olympic Stadium

PRINCE HARRY has reportedly quit his job as an Apache helicopter pilot to campaign for a Paralympics-style event for injured servicemen in London.

Last May, the 29-year-old took part in a torch-lighting ceremony at America's Warrior Games in Aspen, Colorado, where more than 200 ill or wounded servicemen competed in seven sporting events.

According to the Evening Standard, the Prince is now planning to bring the Warrior Games to the Olympic Stadium in London. An official announcement is expected later today from Kensington Palace.

The project still has to be cleared by Downing Street but is understood to have the blessing of the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh.

Harry, who has served twice on the front line as an Army Air Corp pilot, will run the bid from his new offices in Buckingham Palace.

A "senior source" told the Standard: "Prince Harry is passionate about this project. He believes it will be an amazing event that will bring the focus of attention on the problems facing those injured on the frontline and will serve to inspire servicemen and women and the wider public.

"The Prince believes the spectacle of ex-military athletes competing against each other would attract huge crowds too. It is his vision. He hopes too it will be televised to reach a maximum audience."

Another source said the project was "90 per cent there" and just the "final boxes have to be ticked". At last year's games, servicemen and veterans from the UK, Commonwealth and US armed forces took part in archery, cycling, shooting, sitting volleyball, swimming, track and field and wheelchair basketball.

Meanwhile, one source revealed that talk of a possible wedding this year between the Prince and Cressida Bonas was "wide of the mark" but said they are "happy with the relationship as it is at the moment".

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Just tell me what job is he quitting? He does realise does he not that there is a vacancy for another doorman at one of London's posh stores.

can you just quit the army like that ?