Massive eagle on the loose has pet owners living in fear

Jan 27, 2014

Police tell pet owners to watch their animals as Nikita the eagle terrorises Yorkshire

YORKSHIRE'S rabbits, hamsters and small dogs are living in fear after a sea eagle the "size of a small glider" escaped from its trainer, the Daily Mirror reports. 

Nikita, who has an eight-foot wingspan, is capable of carrying off small dogs in her talons, experts say. The bird went missing on Saturday during a training session in "blustery conditions", the paper reports.

The bird's trainer, Chris O'Donnell, believes the Steller's sea eagle may have been blown off course.

"She's massive - like a small glider," O'Donnell said after police issued a warning to pet owners to keep a close eye on their animals when they are outdoors.

O'Donnell insists his bird is "very tame" and poses no threat to people. "You could walk up to her and almost pet her if you wanted to," he told the Mirror.

But North Yorkshire police say that's not a good idea and have advised people not to try picking Nikita up.

The giant predator, who is ten years old, has not been seen since she took off on Saturday morning above her home in Brackenbottom, North Yorkshire.

The Mirror says the birds, which are native to east Russia, are able to pick up dogs and young seals. Their normal diet in captivity includes frozen pigeons, squirrels and rabbits.

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