Police solve mystery of man carrying 'bloody bags'

Jan 29, 2014

Onlooker horrified as man enters Manchester tram station with red liquid dripping from bags

POLICE in Manchester have solved the mystery of man who was seen at a tram station carrying two bags dripping with blood. The gruesome sight was witnessed by an alarmed commuter at Princess Parkway on Manchester's Metrolink on Tuesday evening. 

Dialing 999, an eye-witness told police that the bags were leaking a "dark red liquid" that appeared to be blood. Officers raced to the scene, sealed off the area and subsequently confirmed that the liquid was indeed blood.

The man was caught on CCTV, and according to the Daily Mirror forensic experts "carried out tests to establish if the blood is from a human or animal".

Speaking to the press yesterday, detective superintendent Emily Higham explained that there would be disruption to the morning's Metrolink service at Princess Parkway because police needed to carry out further investigation at the scene to "establish whether anything suspicious has taken place".

She added: "We are now looking to find the man who was holding the bag and speak to him. While we continue to work at the scene, trams will not be stopping at the station so I would advise people to make alternative arrangements for their morning travel."

Police subsquently located the man and say a "burst blood vessel" in his leg was responsible for the bloody spectacle. The Metrolink has re-opened.

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