Is Prince Harry about to propose to Cressida Bonas?

Mar 10, 2014

Bookies slash odds of a royal engagement in 2014 as couple seen out in public twice in three days

RUMOURS of a royal engagement are growing after Cressida Bonas joined Prince Harry for her first official royal visit, followed by a second public appearance together at Twickenham yesterday.

Bookmakers have slashed the odds on the couple announcing their engagement in 2014 to 8/13.

Bonas, a 24-year-old Leeds University graduate, accompanied the Prince to the launch of the We Day UK young people's charity event on Friday at Wembley Arena, where the Prince addressed 12,000 students.

Then on Sunday, the couple made their second public outing in the space of just three days, turning up to Twickenham to watch the England rugby team beat Wales in the Six Nations.

"The couple, who have previously done their best to avoid being photographed together, will be aware that their public display of affection can only increase speculation that they are preparing the ground for a future royal wedding," says Gordon Rayner in the Daily Telegraph.

He adds that, at 29, Prince Harry is approaching the age at which most members of the Royal family were already married.

The couple have been dating for two years, but have in the past entered and left venues separately whenever possible in a bid to avoid being photographed together. Prince Harry has previously spoken of the difficulty of finding a girlfriend who would be prepared to take on the scrutiny of being a prospective member of the Royal family.

Bonas, who was introduced to the Prince by his cousin Princess Eugenie, works in Soho, where she has a job in marketing, and reportedly has a security pass for Kensington Palace, the Prince's London home, though she lives with one of her sisters.

According to the Daily Mail's Sebastian Shakespeare, the Prince is also planning to take Bonas to Balmoral this summer, her first visit to the royal Scottish retreat, and would likely involve a meeting with the Queen.

Balmoral is a "rite of passage for any royal bride-to-be", says Shakespeare, who notes that Kate Middleton and her parents were invited to join Prince William on a private shooting party at Balmoral in October 2010 – a month before their engagement was announced.

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I don't give a f..k! However WHEN will he be getting a job?????????????????????????????????????

Who gives a fuque? Why these spongers continue to dominate the news is a mystery to me.

Perhaps his ginger haired dad will go to the wedding.

Everyone loves Harry, the Prince who can do pretty much anything he looks, however the modern times we live in, the royal family does not doanything for me personally and the only reason they are kept 'alive' is the bloody tourists and Americans especially would have nothing to 'love' . God help whoever wishes to be his future wife, you may as well surrender any anonymity you have , because your life will be hounded and hounded and also your own family, Will come under scrutiny. I just don't get what the royal family stand for. I kings and queens belong in Disney movies or as a child's toy. In the real world they ate just another human being with their own issues. They can't do anything they want and are protected fromwhat? They don't run the country, I just don't get it. The whole establishment is a waste of money.

You 'don't get it because you don't know anything about being British, and because you also know nothing about the history of these islands.