Expenses: Minister ‘to apologise and repay thousands’

Mar 29, 2014

Culture secretary Miller set for resignation calls as inquiry reports

Oli Scarff/Getty Images

Culture secretary Maria Miller will be forced to repay thousands of pounds and to apologise for her abuse of the parliamentary expenses system, says the Daily Telegraph.

An official parliamentary inquiry found that Miller over-claimed for her mortgage. It is also claimed she failed to co-operate fully with investigations.

She is set to have to repay as much as £5,000 and will face censure for her conduct, following an official parliamentary inquiry which is expected to report as soon as this week.

The Telegraph also reveals that Miller recently sold the south London house at the centre of the storm for a profit of more than £1m. She and her husband, who bought the large Wimbledon house for £234,000, sold it for £1.47m on Valentine’s Day this year.

The minister had previously been supported by David Cameron but she is expected to come under heavy pressure to resign when the results of the official inquiry are made public.

A Tory source said tells the newspaper: “We simply cannot have a member of the Cabinet found to have abused the expenses system in any way this close to vital elections.”

Former Home Office minister Tony McNulty resigned after he was censured for allowing his parents to live in his taxpayer-funded second home.

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Why hasn't she been arrested & charged with fraud or theft?

Expenses: Minister ‘to apologise and repay thousands’. This a disappointing character reference for a minister that has exposed herself against the majority of her party to force through fringe measures of politics on gay marriages. In this function as a marionette to use a polite word for a “Puppet on a string “of Mr.Cameron is she hoping for support from the love lobby.