Nigel Farage 'may sue' after EU expenses allegations

Apr 15, 2014

Ukip leader faces investigation into £60,000 of 'missing' European Union funds

Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

UKIP leader Nigel Farage has said he is considering legal action after claims that he pocketed £15,500 per year in expenses for an office on which he pays no rent.

Farage, a member of the European Parliament, faces an investigation into almost £60,000 of "missing" European Union funds that have been paid into his personal bank account.

"I have been accused, on the front page of The Times, of siphoning off money to the Cayman Islands," Farage told BBC Radio 4's Today programme this morning, adding that he would take legal advice.

"We are seeing yet another politically motivated attack from an establishment newspaper," he added. "The Times are wilfully misleading people into thinking that I have falsely claimed money from Brussels – I haven't."

Transparency reports revealed that the Ukip leader receives the £15,500 payment for the upkeep of his constituency office – a small grain store in the seaside town of Bognor Regis. However, it emerges that the space was given to Farage by supporters in 2009. The Times estimates that utilities and other non-rental costs amount to £3,000, leaving more than £12,000 per year unaccounted for.

Farage told interviewer Justin Webb that the money had been spent "legitimately" and that he was willing to submit to an independent audit.

A Ukip spokesman said that Farage was "confident he has abided by European parliamentary rules at all times when spending allowances".

Transparency reports have been filed only since 2009 so it is possible that Farage may have spent up to £200,000 of EU funds on "office management and running" costs since his election in 1999, The Times says.

"We get an allowance from the EU parliament and we can spend it how we see fit," Farage said. "We are taking exactly the same sums of money as any other British MEPs."

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Whether hid did or didn't I think the European Parliament will be unwilling to did to deeply, for fear of opening a huge can of worms.

To think I actually use to respect The Times as a reputable paper, it seems no such thing exists in the UK anymore.

The fact that they can use this dishonest word "expenses" says it all. They are wilfully trying to mislead people into not understanding how MEP allowances works. The simple, plain fact of the matter is that Nigel Farage "claims" exactly the same "expenses" as every other UK MEP. European Allowances make it simply impossible for him to "claim" any more as the allowances are fixed amounts.

Bob, he CAN'T "claim expenses", the system isn't remotely similar to Westminster. MEP's get fixed allowances, everyone gets the same! That's the point. If it's controversial that Farage gets ALLOWANCES, then its controversial that the other 72 UK MEPs and the other 800ish MEPs get allowances. These allowances are the same for every MEP, the system was standardised in 2009...MEPs can not "claim" anything, they get what they're given.

So basically this is just mud slinging, in the hope that some of it will stick prior the EU election.

Yes, you're right. That's why he's taking legal advice. Its about time as well.

All this mudslinging just indicates how scared the major parties are of Farage and UKIP. Its a given that if they can't poke decent-sized holes in his policies, they will indulge in personal attacks, as shown in the latest face-to-face session between Farage and the pigmy king. This tells us much more about the "ruling elite" in the major parties than it does about Mr Farage and his gang

The guy who has supposedly supplied this information is already saying his words have been twisted, and no way has Nigel Farage been guilty of fraud. It is about time certain news media was sued.

So no missing expenses & David Samuel-Camps says he was misquoted:

"I am extremely concerned that in your report you have distorted my responses to your questions regarding the Lyminster office costs.

On the front page you quote me as stating that the costs were £3000 per year. This is grossly incorrect. I told you that the previous manager had tied the office into some supply contracts and as a result the monthly costs were some £2000. I told you several times that I eventually reduced the costs to £700 per month. When I went to school we were taught the times tables and that £700 times 12 equals £8400 (which is not too far removed from Mr Farage’s £1000 per month) so where on earth did you come up with a figure of £3000?"

...entirely predictable mud-slinging exercise, in advance of UKIP's inevitable trouncing of the other parties at the European elections next month. The Times newspaper has sunk to new depths.

The times is nothing but a posh sun,full of crap