Max Clifford sentenced to eight years for indecent assaults

May 2, 2014

Judge tells publicist Max Clifford he must take responsibility for branding his victims liars

LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images)

MAX CLIFFORD has been sentenced to eight years in prison for a series of sexual assaults on young women and girls.

Judge Anthony Leonard told Clifford that his offences were "not trivial but of a very serious nature" and said that some of them would have been treated as rape under today's laws.

He also said that the former publicist must take responsibility for having called his victims liars.

"Mr Leonard ruled that Clifford should serve his eight sentences of between six and 24 months consecutively," the BBC reports. "He said that Clifford should serve at least half his total sentence in jail."

Clifford was found guilty on Monday of eight indecent assaults on women and girls as young as 15. He was cleared of two other charges and the jury failed to reach a verdict on one more.

On his way into Southwark Crown Court this morning Clifford told reporters that he stood by everything he said during his trial

"The 71-year-old was then asked if that included his description of the women as 'liars' and 'fantasists'," Sky News reports.  "At that point, he walked off."

After hearing his sentence this afternoon, Clifford smiled to friends in the dock and turned off his phone before being led away to the cells.

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And nobody cares!

From the moment this guy was found guilty he must have known with advice from his legal eagles he was for the chop. His wife leaving him, his business gone and the possibility of death in clink. Why oh why with all his contacts did he not shave his head, tuck his money somewhere safe, buy a new identity, and do a Ronny Biggs on it, to somewhere sunny and cheap ?