Scotland Yard reviews new Max Clifford allegations

May 3, 2014

More potential victims come forward after sentencing

LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images)

Scotland Yard is reviewing new allegations against disgraced PR man Max Clifford who spent his first night in prison after he was jailed for eight years yesterday.

A spokesman says more people have come forward with fresh allegations since Clifford was sentenced for a string of offences against women and girls. "We have received further information and this is currently subject to review," he said.

Meanwhile, the senior investigating officer in the case says the publicity of the trial has persuaded more potential victims to come forward.

Speaking outside the court yesterday, Det Ch Insp Michael Orchard said: "As a result of high-profile cases such as these we have seen a significant increase in the number of sexual abuse allegations reported to police.”

One of Clifford’s victims has spoken to the Daily Mail about her experiences. The woman, who was abused by Clifford when she was 15, said: “I am disappointed that ultimately Mr Clifford could not bring himself to apologise to his victims and continued to shake his head and show contempt for the court.”

However, the victim, whose account of what she suffered led to the PR man’s arrest, said: “I never wanted to hope for such a long sentence, but it was the right one. It is a fair sentence for what he did.”

The NSPCC has also welcomed the “substantial” sentence, saying it sent a "clear message" that victims of historic abuse can achieve justice.

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Cathy Johnson why did it take you 46 years to make a report to police?
Is it because you wanted to see how well Max would do in life before making your allegations?
Will you sleep better will you have attractiveness ? No you will not
You will have nothing.
You may have convinced the jury but we all know Max didn't rape you.