Teachers raise ‘serious concerns’ over Islamic plot

May 3, 2014

Has the ‘Trojan Horse’ spread to other British cities?


An alleged Islamist plot to infiltrate Birmingham schools has spread to other cities in Britain, fear headteachers.

The National Association of Head Teachers claims it has found “concerted efforts” to infiltrate at least six schools in Birmingham – and the union also alleges that the scandal now has “connections” to other large cities.

The Daily Telegraph understands there are growing fears over the potential infiltration of schools in Manchester, Bradford and east London.

The news comes after a series of allegations that a conspiracy in Birmingham – known as the ‘Trojan Horse’ plot – has seen schools pressured illegally to segregate classrooms and change teaching to reflect radical Islamic beliefs.

Speaking of the Birmingham schools, the head teachers’ association claims there has been pressure to “alter their character in line with the Islamic faith”, including the sidelining elements of the curriculum and attempts to enforce the appointment of Muslim staff.

General secretary Russell Hobby warns that the plot is unlikely to be “limited to Birmingham”. He adds: “I think it is connected into the large cities around the country.”

Last week it was revealed that Tahir Alam, the alleged ringleader of the plot and chairman of governors at the Park View school in Birmingham, compiled a detailed blueprint for the “Islamisation” of state schools in 2007.

Ofsted, the official body for inspecting schools, is now investigating 21 schools in Birmingham.

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Good to see that NAHT has acknowledged that this is going on. People must not be cowed by those screeching 'Islamophobia' which is a nonsense term used to stop discussion or investigation. Tough measures need to be taken to stop this in it's tracks and a clear message has to be sent that backward medieval ideas have NO place in 21st century Britain. Keep your 'religion' to yourselves and out of everyone else's lives because we want no part of it.

Who's recruiting all these renegade teachers in the first place, to be able to infiltrate schools to instill their slam doctrine.
Why have they been allowed into the country, as they are duty bound to bring this culture in an all it entails!
The government know and simply don't care!

This infiltration will increase and eventually the majority will no longer be the majority!

Britain is a society based on a Protestant format and the freedom of both sexes and success of the country has been founded on both sexes integrated and participating - if this not to anyone's liking of Islam then emigrate.

is this any surprise ? the whole ethos of Islam is global domination. It does not acknowledge nationhood or allegiance to state, only Allah.

Taqiyya - The islamic doctrine of deception. Its codified into their religious books