Cameron: I'm ready to take on Nigel Farage

May 4, 2014

PM is prepared to face Ukip leader in 2015 TV debate

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David Cameron is willing to go head to head with Nigel Farage in a television debate ahead of the 2015 general election, says the Sunday Times.

The prime minister is said to favour a format, suggested by his aides, under which he would hold a one-to-one debate with Ed Miliband, a second debate with Miliband and Nick Clegg, and a third with Farage and the Green Party leader, Natalie Bennett.

Of the proposal to include Bennett, Cameron has told friends: “If you have Farage it makes no sense not to have the Greens as well. They have an MP.” One of the debates would be held during the campaign proper, with the other two staged beforehand.

The news comes as Labour continues to press the Tories to finalise details of the events. Ed Miliband is expected to raise the issue once again during a BBC interview with Andrew Marr today.

Downing Street does not want to discuss the format of any debates until after the party conference season in October. But Labour officials say: “The longer the Tories wait, the more it looks like they don’t want debates at all. The time to sort out the details is now, not in the autumn when every party will be in full-on campaign mode.”

David Cameron has previously stated that the 2010 televised leaders’ debates "took all the life out" of the campaign.

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So NOT David & Goliath, more Samson & Delilah or Tweedledumb & Dumber. Perhaps Gog & Magog, the Ogres from beyond?

Its another Cameron Cast Iron promise. They are offering a format that will give lots of free publicity to Cameron, little to Farage and ensure Farage is seen a minor party leader. It shows the utter contempt that the ruling elite treats the people of this country with.

Well that takes the biscuit, won't debate with the leader of the Scottish Parliament but will debate with a non-elected UKIP leader.
What an insult to the people of Scotland

Cameron: I'm ready to take on Nigel Farage. Mr. Farage is no match for Mr. Cameron. Mr. Farage lack parliamentary experience being a member of the European Parliament considered by most as the politicians “dust bin” a place as the house of lords where you sent politician to get rid of. Some say members of the schizophrenic European Parliament hopping from Strasbourg to Brussels with the secretary in Luxembourg suffer from traveling sickness.