Nigel Farage branded 'racist' and 'fascist' by his teachers

May 6, 2014

High school teachers said Nigel Farage's behaviour should prevent him being made a prefect

Matt Cardy/Getty Images

A LETTER written by a teacher at Nigel Farage’s high school reveals concerns that the Ukip leader was racist or fascist began when he was just a teenager.

The letter, uncovered by Channel 4 News and written in June 1981 by a young English teacher named Chloe Deakin, begged Dulwich College’s head teacher not to allow Farage to become a school prefect due to the boy’s fascist tendencies.

The letter says that at a meeting to discuss the school’s new prefects one teacher described Farage as "a fascist”. Deakin noted that there was "considerable reaction" to Farage’s proposed prefecture from a number of teachers who thought the boy was "racist" and "fascist" or "neo-fascist".

The letter says: "Another colleague, who teaches the boy, described his publicly professed racist and neo-fascist views; and he cited a particular incident in which Farage was so offensive to a boy in his set, that he had to be removed from the lesson. This master stated his view that this behaviour was precisely why the boy should not be made a prefect”.

The letter also said that while he was at cadet camp, Farage and a number of other cadets had marched through a quiet Sussex village late at night singing Hitler-youth songs.

The letter has come to light just as Ukip announced it would launch a new campaign to tackle concerns that the party is racist. A new election campaign, launching this week, will feature black and ethnic minority candidates, the Huffington Post reports.

A recent poll by YouGov found that more than a quarter of respondents felt that Ukip was a party with "racist views" and "many racist members".

Channel 4’s political correspondent Michael Crick put the high school fascism accusations to Farage. The MEP replied: “I did say things that would offend deeply”, but “any accusation I was ever involved in far right politics is utterly untrue."

Ukip will hold its annual conference at Central Hall, Westminster on Friday and Saturday this week.

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This was put to bed months ago? Well I suppose they are desperate now so they have to keep going over the same old lies.

You would have thought some of Nigel's contemporaries from school would have piped up long ago if there had been anything at all to it.

No doubt that young teacher, Chloe Deakin, would be proud of Farage today and probably regretful of what she wrote in '81. By the way, where is she?

Strange I get The Week the real one that is not this one that is seeking to emulate it by putting with First post on it, the difference being that The Week posts true stories, this one makes them up.

Big news! Most people were mildly racist in 1981. Even if true. Not voting ukip However this just smells of smear campaign

Yes, I remember the fuss about this letter. It was last September, according to the date on the Channel 4 report linked. I wonder why it has been dusted off now? I see that the letter starts off with the words: "Dear Headmaster, I am happy to say I am not acquainted with N.P. Farage…". So the rest of it is presumably hearsay.

This actually serves as quite an endorsement.

This is the exact same story channel 4 tried to smear Nigel with a year ago! Does the media think we are idiots?

And if we're delving into people's childhoods, what about university? Why are the media uninterested in Osborne at uni, or Cameron, or Balls?

"For further concise, balanced comment and analysis on the week's news, try The Week magazine"

Still trying to find the balance.

Most teachers are so left wing, moderate conservatism would be considered fascist.

You can tell the election's getting close. LibLabCon is getting desperate and putting out articles like these.

Er, Osborne and Cameron's time at Oxford has been well-documented. You know, Bullingdon Club, smashing up restaurants for a laugh, etc. etc.?

If Nigel Farage wishes to join the big leagues of politics, he'll have to go through this little thing called scrutiny. It's not a smear campaign, or a conspiracy, it's called being held to account so the public know who they are voting for. And I suspect UKIP supporters don't like it when the scrutiny spotlight is turned on to their man.

You will be able to give me an example then of our wonderful media bringing to light a similar story about a politician? An accusation made by a third party about a child she had never even met, that she now says she never remembered making? Something like that. One similar example will do.

Go ahead.

And you really think Cameron and Osborne's time has been well documented? One word: cocaine.

This is SOOOOOO UNBEARABLY FUNNY and SAD how the UK media continues to smear Nigel Farage. The Americans couldn't see through it with Ron Paul but the Brits are far more intelligent to see through this. FASCISM means CORPORATE AND STATE POWER MERGED. Nigel is clearly a Libertarian the exact opposite of a fascist. This is borderline sad.

This is sad, its also sad how moderates take down true comments. Fascism means the Corporate power merged with the state power to form a authoritarian system of governance were the corporate power reign over the common man by using the state as their weapon.

So what?

that, and marching through villages shouting Hitler Youth songs.

Sounds like the typical smear of the Tea Party by Democrats! The similarities across the Pond are just amazing! Just like the media sent an army of reporters to Sara Palin's home all the way to Alaska to rifle through her garbage while none of them cared to find anything in Obama's past, we see the same scrutiny on Nigel Farage, and this time they went all the way to High School for God's sake! I'm surprised they didn't find a kindergarten teacher who remembers that Nigel didn't like to share his toys as a toddler! What a joke!

Good God, imagine if we were all judged by the daft things we all did as teenagers. I dont want to be ruled by creepy people who've never made a mistake.... And agree that teachers are almost universally pretty far left-wing - its one of the reasons why our state education system has become so unbeleivably rubbish over the past few decades - so quite agree, anything right of Lenin would seem like fascism to many teachers