A third of British people admit to racial prejudice

May 28, 2014

Racism is 'on the rise' according to a new survey, which finds three in ten admit to feelings of prejudice


Nearly a third of people in the UK are willing to admit to being "racially prejudiced", a proportion that has risen steadily since 2001, a new study has found.

Data from NatCen's British Social Attitudes (BSA) survey, published by The Guardian, indicate that three in ten people in the UK describe themselves as prejudiced against other races.

The findings raise concerns that "growing hostility to immigrants and widespread Islamophobia are setting community relations back 20 years," The Guardian says. 

The shadow justice minister, Sadiq Khan, said that the results of the survey indicate that racism is still a problem in the UK. "This is clear evidence that we cannot be complacent about racial prejudice. Where it manifests itself, it blights our society. Those in positions of authority must take their responsibilities seriously. It also falls to us to address the underlying causes". 

Self-reported prejudice bottomed out in 2001, when only 25 per cent of people were willing to admit they were either "very or a little prejudiced". The figure grew steadily over the next decade, reaching a high of 38 per cent in 2011, matching the figure from 1987.

The data suggests that "racial prejudice has returned to the level of 30 years ago" ITV says.

Men are more likely to admit to prejudice than women — 32 per cent against 29 per cent — although the gap between the sexes has shrunk. The data also shows that "older men in economically deprived areas" are most likely to admit to prejudice.

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people are just beginning to become more truthful. nothing new here

No sh*t Sherlock? In 2000/2001, we were in the middle of an albeit brief prosperous period, before the dot-com bubble burst and 9/11 happened. People were well off, there was less immigration, we were doing OK. Now, after years of austerity, bailing out failed banks, irresponsible politicians, a failing society (police, health, education all apparently going down the tubes) we're getting less tolerant of those Johnny-come-lately's who blow in and expect welfare on a plate. We can't even eject the bad'uns, because our useless politicians haven't the spine to stand up to Brussels and even the good'uns take jobs that are scarce. Sure, I'm less tolerant, more prejudiced, but it comes from being screwed over for years. Wake Up Britain and smell the coffee!!!!!

Is it racist to prefer the way our country was prior to Blair and his government decided to totally change this countries demographic by allowing mass immigration for their political advantage ? No provision was made by our government for the increased pressure on public services especially health, education and welfare.many immigrants are useful members of our society but many refuse to integrate and demand that we change our way of life to suit them,sharia law,schools where english isn't the main language,if I went to live in another country I would embrace their culture and language not try to ram my beliefs down their throats.

This third also includes non-whites. A lot of them are more racist.

Britain has a long history of welcoming foreigners and benefiting from their presence. But easy access to Britain by citizens of the fading Empire took us by surprise in the 1950s and 1960s. The country as it now is racially is certainly very different from what it was expected to be when I was a child in the late 1940s.

But we have all got used, especially in London, to a much more cosmopolitan mix - which frankly I far prefer to the class-dominated white British community of my childhood. As for free access from other EU countries, it has on the whole added immensely to the economic potency of the UK - thanks not least to the correct decision that we not join the Euro when it was set up.

The facts seem to show that, in spite of the pressure on schools and medical services, many of the incomers from places like Poland (and we have had a large Polish community since we stood up against the Russo-German abolition of the Polish state in 1939) prefer to take their medical problems to their native countries. The population issue may seem alarming.

But is it really right to think that we can pull up the drawbridge and let the rest of the world go hang? Our increase in population is modest and beneficial in the context of a world whose population increase is and has been much larger - and is posing a much greater poverty problem for many countries than we might ever have imagined.

...in order to understand and then try to address the causes of "racism" in this country (if, indeed, racism exists in anything like the percentage of the population that the Left-leaning commentariat and the metropolitan chattering classes would claim), we should understand just how much of this perceived problem has been brought about by successive governments.

Short term political gain for party advantage (Blair!) and the laissez faire attitudes of Cameron et al, for fear of "offending" someone or other (Brussels?) have combined to create an atmosphere of fear (of expressing concern about immigration - "RACISM"!!!)

To achieve a truly integrated society (as opposed to a "multicultural" society - Blair's glib terminology) we should start with determined and principled cross-party action, not driven by a PC agenda and NOT driven by considerations of party political advantage.

The remit should be to achieve a lasting and fair (to all - not just a metropolitan few) resolution. Repatriation of many of our sovereign powers and responsibilities would be a good start - thereafter we can build upon a national consensus, not hampered by PC directives from Brussels. A total ban on commenting by the media (from both right and left leaning elements) would be sensible until a fair, workable and sensible solution can be found.

Until such time, parties of the far right and left will continue to feed on the oxygen of controversy and extremism - and why would they not?

Racism has nor risen neither was it low. What has happened is that many are now more willing to admit to their racism, whether real or brainwashing due to the constant subtle racism projected in movies, tv and almost every part of western culture. This is the cause of continuing racism. Most people do not even realise they are racist until confronted with a situation. Many use the argument that immigrants are coming here more and more, well i ask it is the natural way of things. You rob the rest of the world, bring their riches here, keep their countries poor and expect that people will not migrate here? A simple solution is to give back what you have robbed, and let those countries be able to support themselves, then there would be a real reduction of immigrants. Simple.